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Dictionary of
Scottish Architects

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The Project


The Dictionary of Scottish Architects project was initially funded by an Arts and Humanities Research CouncilOpens new browser window (formerly Arts and Humanities Research Board) award, under AHRC's Resource Enhancement Scheme. The AHRC funds postgraduate training and research in the arts and humanities, from archaeology and English literature to design and dance. The quality and range of research supported not only provides social and cultural benefits but also contributes to the economic success of the UK. Visit the AHRC Web site
The AHRC award was administered by the School of Art HistoryOpens new browser window at the University of St Andrews. Particular thanks are due to Professor Ian Carradice (Head of School) and Annette Carruthers (Head of School since 2005); and to Dawn Waddell (School Secretary) and Margaret Hall (Postgraduate Secretary) for their unfailing assistance. After the end of the 3-year project, The School of Art History supported the further development of the database along with a number of other trusts, foundations, businesses and grant-giving bodies to which the DSA is most grateful:

The Aberbrothock Trust
The Binks Trust
The Burrell Company
EDI Group
The Gordon Fraser Trust
Historic Scotland
The Marc Fitch Fund
McTaggart & Mickel
The Pilgrim Trust
The Royal & Ancient Club, St Andrews
The Bank of Scotland
The Russell Trust

Visit the School of Art History Web site
The DSA project is grateful to Historic ScotlandOpens new browser window for financial support, and for making available internal research.
We are also indebted to Codex GeodataOpens new browser window for its support in the form of data design and Web database development. Vist Codex Geodata's Web site

The DSA project is grateful to the members of the Project Assurance Group and Project Board for the 1840-1940 part of the project for their guidance, enthusiastic support and contributions to the database.

Project Assurance Group:

  • Professor David M Walker
  • Dr John Frew (University of St Andrews)
  • Dr Deborah C Mays (Historic Scotland)

Project Board:

  • Dr Ian Campbell (Edinburgh College of Art)
  • Dr Tristram Clarke (National Archives of Scotland)
  • Dr John Frew (University of St Andrews)
  • John Gerrard (former Director of the Scottish Civic Trust)
  • John V Gifford (Staff Author, Buildings of Scotland)
  • Ian Gow (National Trust for Scotland)
  • Dr John Lowrey (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Deborah Mays (Historic Scotland)
  • Dr Gavin Stamp (University of Cambridge)
  • Geoffrey Stell (formerly Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland [RCAHMS])
  • Sebastian Tombs (Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland)


A number of individuals have supported the DSA on a scale which goes beyond a mere mention in the Acknowledgements. By far the largest single contribution has been that of John V Gifford, who made available his researches into the architects in the Highland area, the weakest in the Walker archive, thus giving the whole project comprehensive nationwide coverage. Dr Deborah C Mays was responsible for the entries on George Washington Browne, John Kinross, Murphy & Kinross and related practices, and had previously contributed substantially to the later years of John More Dick Peddie and several other architects. Dr Gavin Stamp made his Alexander Thomson database available, and David Stark provided that for the Honeyman, Keppie, Mackintosh and Henderson practice, now Keppie Design. Iain Paterson has contributed his research on Glasgow architects, mainly derived from census returns, Post Office Directories, registers of births, marriages and deaths, Glasgow School of Art rolls and the holdings of the Glasgow Dean of Guild. Dr John Frew, Dr Robin Evetts, the late Dr Ronald Gordon Cant and John Gifford have provided much of the research for Fife, and the accounts of the Dundee City Engineer's and City Architect's Departments are based on the researches of Dr John Frew. The entries on John Dick Peddie and Charles George Hood Kinnear and related figures are abridged from Dr David W Walker's thesis; those on John Thomson, Robert Douglas Sandilands and Alexander Hood MacLeod have similarly been abridged from Suzanne Mireylees's thesis; those on James Barbour and John McLintock Bowie have been drawn from the research and cataloguing carried out by Antony C Wolffe; and the entries on the Notman family are similarly indebted to the recent researches of John Knight. The accounts of Hippolyte Jean Blanc, Robert Thomas Napier Speir and the Blackadders of Dundee have been both augmented and clarified by Margaret Lye, and Elizabeth Beaton has provided exceptional general assistance with the architects practising in the Moray area.

Special thanks are also extended to the following individuals who have contributed significantly to the project:

  • Geoff Bailey (Falkirk Museum)
  • Rebecca Bailey (RCAHMS)
  • Rebecca Barker (formerly Historic Scotland)
  • Bridget Blackmore (formerly Historic Scotland)
  • Paul Bradley
  • The late Sir Charles Brett
  • Dr William Brogden (Scott Sutherland School of Architecture, Robert Gordon University)
  • Annette Carruthers (University of St Andrews)
  • Morag Cross
  • Kitty Cruft (formerly RCAHMS)
  • Neil Darlington
  • Alison Darragh (formerly RCAHMS)
  • Michael C Davis (Helensburgh Library)
  • Richard Emerson (formerly Historic Scotland)
  • Clive Fenton (RCAHMS)
  • Ian Fisher (formerly RCAHMS)
  • Iain Flett (Dundee Archives)
  • Mrs Anne Francis
  • Eleanor Gawne (British Architectural Library, RIBA)
  • Dr Miles Glendinning (Edinburgh College of Art)
  • Bernadette Goslin (Historic Scotland)
  • Dr David Grant
  • Simon Green (RCAHMS)
  • Neil Gregory (RCAHMS)
  • Gillian Haggart (formerly Historic Scotland)
  • Louisa Humm (Historic Scotland)
  • William T Johnston
  • David Jones (University of St Andrews)
  • Rebecca Jones (RCAHMS)
  • Jane Lessels
  • Dawn McDowell (Historic Scotland)
  • Ranald MacInnes (Historic Scotland)
  • Professor Charles McKean (University of Dundee)
  • Dr Aonghus MacKechnie (Historic Scotland)
  • Pauline Megson (Historic Scotland)
  • Dr Irena Murray (British Architectural Library, RIBA)
  • Morag Penny (Aberdeen City Council)
  • Graham Potts
  • Glen Pride (Walker & Pride, St Andrews)
  • Harriet Richardson (Survey of London)
  • Anne Riches
  • Professor Alistair J Rowan (University College Cork)
  • Ann Martha Rowan (Irish Architectural Archive)
  • Joseph Sharples (University of Liverpool)
  • Hannah Shaw (Glasgow University Archive)
  • Ian Shepherd (Aberdeenshire Council)
  • James W T Simpson (Simpson & Brown Architects)
  • Harry Gordon Slade
  • Charles Strang
  • Stewart Tod
  • Sheila M Walker
  • Diane Watters (RCAHMS)
  • Mark Watson (Historic Scotland)
  • The late Elizabeth Whitfeld (formerly Historic Scotland)

The DSA gratefully acknowledges the on-going contribution of the Project Steering Group for 1940-80 extension phase:

  • Neil Baxter (Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland)
  • Annette Carruthers (School of Art History, University of St Andrews)
  • Malcolm Cooper (Historic Scotland)
  • Dr Miles Glendinning (Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, Edinburgh College of Art)
  • Neil Gregory (RCAHMS)
  • Dr Deborah Mays (Historic Scotland)
  • Professor David M Walker (Emeritus Professor, School of Art History, University of St Andrews)
  • David Whitham (DOCOMOMO)