Basic Biographical Details

Name: John Honeyman
Designation: Architect
Born: 11 August 1831
Died: 8 January 1914
Bio Notes: John Honeyman was born at 21 Carlton Place, Glasgow on 11 August 1831, the third son of John Honeyman JP of the corn factors John Honeyman & Co, and his wife Isabella Smith. The family business was just across the suspension bridge, first in Dunlop Street and later at Dixon Street. The Honeymans also had a weekend residence at Belmore on the Gareloch: there he acquired his lifelong interest in sailing during the school holidays from Merchiston Castle School where he was a boarder from 1841 to 1846. He then attended the University of Glasgow where he 'passed the arts curriculum' (the Merchiston Castle register credits him with an MA) with the intention of entering the church. But he changed his mind and spent a year in a London accountant's office, probably intending to join his elder brother Michael before changing course yet again and deciding 'to edify the church in another way'. On his return to Glasgow he was articled to Alexander Munro, and by the end of his time there was included in the Post Office Directory as being in his office at 213 Buchanan Street. His first estimate book dates from then, but later in that same year, 1853, he obtained a place in William Burn's office at 44 Stratton Street, Piccadilly, London where he became a lifelong friend of Macvicar Anderson. In that office he also became acquainted with David MacGibbon, whose interest in medieval and Renaissance Scottish architecture he was to share. Thereafter he undertook a short study tour of the continent and the English cathedrals prior to re-establishing his own practice at 13 Moore Place, West George Street where he quickly acquired some influential clients, notably the shipbuilders and engineers James R Napier and John Elder. His well-publicised competition wins for the innovative Free West Church, Greenock (1861) and the similarly planned Lansdowne UP Church, Glasgow (1862) made his name. At Park Free Church in Helensburgh and at St Andrew's Free Church in Glasgow, both of 1862, he followed John Thomas Emmett's lead at Sandyford Church - which he had been brought in to complete - in showing how the Puginian three-aisle plan could be adapted to Presbyterian worship, the former with masonry arcades for a wealthy congregation and the latter with cast-iron columns supporting galleries for a less affluent one.

These major commissions enabled Honeyman to marry at Partick on 3 June 1863 Rothesia Chalmers Ann Hutchison, the thirty-three-year-old daughter of Charles Hutchison, a Glasgow merchant, and set up house at Langside. Their marriage was brief as she died on 20 March in the following year, a week after giving birth to John Rothes Charles Honeyman. In 1867 Honeyman married a second time to Falconer Margaret Kemp (sometimes spelt Kempt), the daughter of the retired Greenock merchant and shipowner James Colquhoun Kemp, the ceremony being in London at St Saviour's, Paddington. By that date Honeyman was already well established in ship-owning as well as ship-building circles, having built John & J C Burn's office at 30-34 Jamaica Street, demonstrated that his skill in high renaissance design matched that of his Gothic.

Prior to his second marriage Honeyman had bought 13 Somerset Place, Glasgow, with the aid of bonds totalling £1,400. But as his practice grew so did the need to keep up with his clientele, which was soon to be considerably boosted by the acquisition of Rochead's practice in 1869. In the previous year he built Stroove, a large Tudorish marine villa at Skelmorlie, Somerset Place being sold to pay for it; and in 1872 he bought his own yacht. In May 1874 he acquired 140 Bath Street for his rapidly expanding practice which now included the F & J Smith warehouse in Gordon Street, Glasgow; the asylum at Riccartsbar, Paisley; schools at Fairfield, Burnbank, Woodside, Henderson Street, Tureen Street and Rockvilla, all in Glasgow; the Municipal Buildings in Helensburgh; and the hydropathic at Kyles of Bute, as well as many commissions for churches, suburban mansions and alterations to country houses. During that peak period, 'like many another lover of white sails and blue water he found at that busy period of his life that an occasional cruise of ten days or so [with his wife and sons] was the best possible means of regaining vigour and enjoying mental rest'. Other passions of these prosperous years were angling and photography: several albums of landscape views remained for some time in the office.

Honeyman was a prolific writer and inventor. His first publication was 'The Age of Glasgow Cathedral, and of the Effigy in its Crypt' in 1854, followed by 'The Drainage of Glasgow and the Purification of the Clyde with special reference to the Ventilation of Drains' in 1856 and the invention of the diaphragm trap in 1858. In 1853 he became a member of the newly re-formed Institute of Architects in Scotland, and co-founder of the Glasgow Archaeological Society and the Glasgow Architectural Society in 1856 and 1858 respectively. In or about 1860 he enlisted in the First Dunbartonshire Artillery, reaching the rank of Captain before retiring from pressures of business in or about 1870.

In 1862 Honeyman published a pioneering paper on the regulation of architectural competitions and in 1866 he became one of the consultant architects to the newly formed Glasgow Improvement Trust. His high public profile resulted in his being admitted FRIBA on 14 December 1874, just after Rowand Anderson in the preceding June, at which date David Bryce and William Mackison had been the only other Scottish Fellows. His nomination had the influential backing of his old friend and colleague Macvicar Anderson and of George Edmund Street and Professor Robert Kerr. After only two years as a Fellow he was elected to the Council, the object being to recruit all the leading Glasgow practitioners to the Institute. Between 1876 and 1881, and mainly during the presidency of Charles Barry Junior in 1876-79, he succeeded in nominating nearly all of them: only William Clarke, then nearing retirement, and James Boucher seem to have declined. Probably because of his position as an RIBA Council member he also ran a critical commentary on the first Glasgow Municipal Buildings competition in the journals and in the newspapers, and may even have been encouraged to do so by Barry who shared his view that the schedule of accommodation and the cost limit were incompatible. Honeyman's very public criticism of the competition, which must have irritated Carrick (and even Barry himself was not spared a query to the secretary of the RIBA, asking whether it was proper for him to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal while president), had wide support in Glasgow and was probably a factor in his election as President of the Glasgow Institute of Architects in 1881-82. But by then Honeyman's luck had begun to run out. In 1877 his wife Falconer and her sons William Frederick Colquhoun, born 1868, and George Michael Allan, born 1872, began to become consumptive. They spent some time in Italy, during which period he picked up the commission for the Scots Church in Genoa; and although Honeyman was not a shareholder in the City of Glasgow Bank he felt the effects of its failure almost immediately. Business plummeted in 1879 and he sold his yacht; and although the practice briefly recovered in 1880, the number of new commissions collapsed again in 1881 when the full impact of the bank's losses became apparent. Falconer died on 7 January of that year at Stroove which was sold some months later, Honeyman renting a house at 7 Blythswood Square. There he lived with Sarah Anne - known as Anne - Horne, who came of a farming family at Soulbury in Buckinghamshire. She was probably the governess of his two younger sons who were sent to Loretto as boarders in 1879 and 1884 respectively. In the latter year Honeyman married Anne at St Michael's Church, Slateford, in Edinburgh. The rather surprising out-of-Glasgow venue appears to have been chosen because of his justifiable pride in that church which pioneered a more liturgical arrangement of Presbyterian worship slightly ahead of Rowand Anderson's Govan.

At the time of his marriage Honeyman was living at 7 Blythswood Square but by the time their son Herbert Lewis Honeyman was born on 12 November 1885 the Honeymans had rented first Melburn and then Mine Cottage at Bridge of Allan, finally settling at Minewood which was also rented; for at least a time a smaller Glasgow residence was retained at 24 Newton Place. The move may have been made for the fishing but it may also have been on medical advice that the well-wooded surroundings would be good for the health of his sons. In that respect he was to be sadly disappointed. William died at sea in a final attempt to prolong his life on 27 January 1885 and George somewhere abroad in 1888. By then Honeyman's practice was in serious difficulty and the end of his term on the RIBA Council in 1884 may have come as a relief because of the travelling costs it entailed. The contract value of work in hand fell from a high point of some £42,000 in 1878 to about £11,422 in 1884, £4,515 in 1885, only £1,020 in 1886, rising a little to £2,444 in 1887. In 1888 he had no significant business at all.

Late in that year or early in 1889 Honeyman took into partnership John Keppie, then aged twenty-six, who effectively refinanced and re-founded the practice. This seems to have been the result of a mutual arrangement with Campbell Douglas following the early death of Douglas's partner, James Sellars, in October 1888. Born in 1862, Keppie was the son of a wealthy tobacco importer who had studied for a year at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, won the Tite Prize twice in 1886 and 1887 and had been Sellars's principal assistant on the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1888 and on Anderson's College of Medicine, the construction of which had only just begun. When Sellars died, Douglas was still recovering from a serious illness and seems to have felt obliged ot offer Sellars's partnership to an older senior assistant, Alexander Morrison. Whether Douglas recommended Keppie to Honeyman, or whether Keppie made the contact for himself is not known, but the Honeyman & Keppie partnership showed every sign of being a rescue operation. Douglas allowed Keppie to take the Medical School with him as a setting-up commission, and that, together with the Fairfield shipbuilding offices at Govan for old clients of Honeyman's, brought the practice back to its previous levels.

In those years the new partnership was supported by four brilliant assistants: Alexander McGibbon; Herbert McNair, a family friend at Skelmorlie whom Honeyman had accepted as an articled apprentice in 1888; Charles Edward Whitelaw, who had studied at the Ecole; and Charles Rennie McIntosh (soon to become Mackintosh), whom Keppie had engaged from John Hutchison's office in or shortly after April 1889. Of these Mackintosh became the lead designer in the practice following his return from the Alexander Thomson Travelling Scholarship in 1892. The superb neo-Greek design submitted in the first tier of the Kelvingrove Art Galleries competition was probably the last new-build design Honeyman made himself. It was not worked up and resubmitted in the second tier, and neither was Keppie's, both being superseded by a free Italian Romanesque and early Renaissance design developed from Mackintosh's sketches, which commanded a lot of support and nearly resulted in Waterhouse's recommendations being overturned.

By the 1890s Honeyman was suffering from problems with his eyesight and restricted actual design to church work and restorations. In 1893 he designed the new church for his former congregation at Skelmorlie, gifting a stained-glass window to the memory of his second wife and sons; in 1894 he reconstructed the church at Largo; in 1894-96 he carried out the major restoration of St Michael's Church at Linlithgow; and in 1895 he designed the enlargement of the church he attended at Bridge of Allan. The design of Queen's Cross Church in Glasgow he generously allowed to go to Mackintosh, though he probably advised on the plan. As the practice recovered, so did Honeyman's reputation nationally: he was elected ARSA in 1892, elevated to full academician in 1895, and seriously considered for the presidency when Sir George Reid retired in 1902, but pleaded to be excused on the grounds of blindness, seconding the election of James Guthrie.

The great works of Honeyman's last years were his restorations of Brechin and Iona Cathedrals. At Brechin the Early English choir was in ruins, the transepts had gone completely, and the nave arcades and clerestory were enclosed within a plain Gothic box of 1806. The Rev John Alexander Clark, who had taken over the charge in 1892, was a fellow Glaswegian who had been a founder member of the Aberdeen Ecclesiological Society in 1886; in 1890 Honeyman himself joined the Society which was later to merge with the Glasgow one. Between September 1898 and March 1902 Honeyman reconstructed the nave aisles and south transept, guided by 18th-century drawings and engravings, and rebuilt the choir in a shortened form, a mausoleum precluding its restoration to its original length. The later stages of the restoration were accomplished only with great difficulty as Honeyman's sight had failed and he modelled the details in some early form of plasticine to demonstrate what he wanted to achieve.

By the time the work was complete Honeyman had officially completely retired as of 1 January 1901. He allowed Keppie and Mackintosh to buy him out over three years by taking a half share of the profits for the years 1902, 1903 and 1904, an arrangement which was perhaps more generous than he could afford but which ensured that Mackintosh did not have to find any capital. But in real terms he did not retire as the restoration of Iona Cathedral for the Cathedral Trustees went ahead in 1902-04, Honeyman and Thomas Ross, the surviving partner of MacGibbon & Ross, being jointly appointed to carry out the work. Honeyman's role must by then have been primarily his knowledge of the building which he had surveyed with Mackintosh and McNair's help in the 1890s. Within the office he was consulted occasionally on ecclesiastical work during those years, Alex Smellie remembering discussion on the new parish church at Auchterarder which was in some degree based on that at Lochgilphead of twenty years earlier.

Throughout his years of blindness Honeyman was assisted by his son Herbert. Although a boarder at Glenalmond he spent as much time as possible with his father as companion and guide, describing and researching for him, and it was in that relationship that Herbert's own lifelong devotion to archaeology was formed. Honeyman asked Keppie if he would take him as an articled apprentice, but Keppie had not time for him and declined: Honeyman did not allow this to affect their good relationship and approached Burnet who agreed. Although very shy and old-fashioned for his years, Herbert excelled in Burnet's office and at Glasgow School of Architecture under his father's old friend Alexander McGibbon and Eugène Bourdon. He won the travelling bursary in 1907, spent the years 1908 and 1909 travelling in England and France, and won the RIBA silver medal essay prize in 1911. All of these gave great satisfaction to his father, but they did not bring a place at Keppie's where business had begun to dry up. He opened his own office at 180 West Regent Street in 1909 but despite his father's support it did not prosper and he took a part-time job in Dunfermline with James Shearer, a former colleague at Burnet's about 1912.

During Herbert's Glasgow years Honeyman initially rented a modest Glasgow base, first at 23 West Cumberland Street and later at 6 Ailsa Drive in Langside. The University of Glasgow conferred an LLD on him in 1904 and in November of the following year he gave two important papers to the Scottish Ecclesiological Society on his findings at Iona Cathedral, developing an earlier paper to the Glasgow Architectural Society. His interest in Glasgow Cathedral remained undiminished, his last major paper, 'The Old Arrangements of the Transepts of Glasgow Cathedral', being published in 1907. Thereafter his lecturing and writing declined because of Herbert's absence abroad, but after his return he contributed one final work of scholarship to the 1912 volume of the Regality Club of Glasgow, the wonderfully entertaining account of 'The Old Barony Pulpit'.

In December 1913 Herbert closed his Glasgow practice and joined the firm of Graham & Hill in Newcastle. The decision to take a job so far from home was probably driven by the need for money. When the elder Honeyman died of pneumonia a few weeks later on 8 January 1914 he had only £20 4s 10d left in his account at the Union Bank and no other property or investments of any kind. An insurance policy for £1,000 provided for Anne. Honeyman was buried with his first two wives at Glasgow Necropolis; Anne gave up the lease of Minewood and left for Newcastle to live with Herbert who practised in Newcastle for the rest of his life. Honeyman's elder son John Rothes Charles emigrated to Canada in 1885 and settled at Pense, Saskatchewan. He served in the Mounted Police for 5 years but subsequently became newpaper reporter and later deputy commissioner of agriculture for the province of Saskatchewan. He finally took the post in 1908 of librarian in Regina Public Library. He died in British Columbia in August 1938. (He should not be mistaken for the John Honeyman who settled in British Columbia as stated in 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Co': while that book was in the press it was found that he was a nephew, the son of Honeyman's eldest brother, Patrick)

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Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this architect:
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 1321, Carlton Place, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivate11 August 1831 Place of birth
Item 2 of 1313, Moore Place, West George Street, Glasgow, ScotlandBusiness1861(?)  
Item 3 of 1315, St Vincent Street, Glasgow, ScotlandBusiness1862  
Item 4 of 13Helensburgh, ScotlandPrivate1862  
Item 5 of 13Langside, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivate1863c. 1866 
Item 6 of 1313, Somerset Place, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivatec. 18661868 
Item 7 of 13Stroove/16, Montgomerie Terrace, Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, ScotlandPrivate18681881 
Item 8 of 13140, Bath Street, Glasgow, ScotlandBusinessMay 1874After 1889 
Item 9 of 137, Blythswood Square, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivate18811884 or 1885 
Item 10 of 13Melburn (or Melbourne), Chalton Road, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, ScotlandPrivate1884 or 18851884 or 1885Appears at this address in 1891 census.
Item 11 of 13Mine Cottage, Abercrombie Drive, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, ScotlandPrivate1884 or 18851884 or 1885 
Item 12 of 13Minewood, Abercrombie Drive, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, ScotlandPrivate1884 or 1885(?)1914Appears at this address (Abercrombie Drive) in 1901 census
Item 13 of 1324, Newton Place, Glasgow, ScotlandPrivateMid 1880s * At this address 1888

* earliest date known from documented sources.

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 4William Burn    
Item 2 of 4Alexander Munroc. 18501853Apprentice 
Item 3 of 4Honeyman & KeppieLate 1888 or early 18891 January 1901Partner 
Item 4 of 4Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh1 January 19011902(?)Partner 

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 8John Rothes Charles Honeyman 1885Draughtsman 
Item 2 of 8John Bennie Wilson18641869Apprentice 
Item 3 of 8John Bennie Wilson18691873Assistant 
Item 4 of 8Peter Macgregor Chalmersc. 1874(?) Apprentice 
Item 5 of 8William Gilmour WilsonAfter 1877Before 1880Junior Assistant 
Item 6 of 8Alexander McGibbon18821889Draughtsman 
Item 7 of 8Alexander Brown Wilson1883(?)Before 1884Assistant 
Item 8 of 8James Herbert MacNair1888Late 1888 or early 1889Apprentice 


RIBA Proposers

The following individuals proposed this architect for RIBA membership (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate proposedNotes
Item 1 of 3John Macvicar Anderson14 December 1874for Fellowship
Item 2 of 3Robert Kerr14 December 1874for Fellowship
Item 3 of 3George Edmund Street14 December 1874for Fellowship

RIBA Proposals

This architect proposed the following individuals for RIBA membership (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate proposedNotes
Item 1 of 36John Baird the Second4 December 1876for Fellowship
Item 2 of 36David Barclay3 January 1881for Fellowship
Item 3 of 36George Bell I16 December 1878for Fellowship
Item 4 of 36Robert Alexander Bryden20 May 1878for Fellowship
Item 5 of 36John Burnet (senior)4 December 1876for Fellowship
Item 6 of 36(Sir) John James Burnet3 January 1881for Associateship
Item 7 of 36(Sir) John James Burnet29 November 1897for Fellowship
Item 8 of 36John Carrick4 December 1876for Fellowship
Item 9 of 36William Tait Conner2 March 1891for Associateship
Item 10 of 36Alan Burgess Crombie20 March 1882for Fellowship
Item 11 of 36Charles Gourlay13 June 1889for Associateship
Item 12 of 36Andrew Heiton (junior)23 June 1879for Fellowship
Item 13 of 36Robert William Horn11 March 1895for Associateship
Item 14 of 36James Ledingham8 June 1885for Associateship
Item 15 of 36William Leiper7 November 1881for Fellowship
Item 16 of 36James Lindsay3 January 1881for Associateship
Item 17 of 36James Lochhead11 June 1894for Associateship
Item 18 of 36Alexander McGibbon9 June 1884for Associateship
Item 19 of 36William Moffat20 March 1882for Associateship
Item 20 of 36James Archibald Morris11 March 1889for Fellowship
Item 21 of 36John Murray Robertson23 January 1888for Fellowship
Item 22 of 36James Salmon (senior)4 December 1876for Fellowship
Item 23 of 36William Forrest Salmon4 December 1876for Fellowship
Item 24 of 36David Forbes Smith12 March 1894for Associateship
Item 25 of 36George Cade Smith7 November 1887for Associateship
Item 26 of 36James Souttar6 June 1898for Fellowship
Item 27 of 36John James Stevenson23 June 1879for Fellowship
Item 28 of 36George Sutherland11 June 1894for Associateship
Item 29 of 36David Thomson17 December 1877for Fellowship
Item 30 of 36James Thomson3 June 1878for Fellowship
Item 31 of 36Thomas Lennox Watson9 June 1884for Fellowship
Item 32 of 36James Anderson Williamson9 June 1884for Associateship
Item 33 of 36Alexander Brown Wilson9 June 1884for Associateship
Item 34 of 36John Bennie Wilson20 March 1882for Associateship
Item 35 of 36William Gilmour Wilson3 January 1881for Associateship
Item 36 of 36George Penrose Kennedy Young8 June 1885for Associateship

Buildings and Designs

This architect was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 4221849Free ChurchMoffat DumfriesshireScotlandNew spire
Item 2 of 4221852Cottage, shop and stable   Scotland 
Item 3 of 4221852House for Moodie   Scotland 
Item 4 of 4221852House, CampsieCampsie StirlingshireScotland 
Item 5 of 4221853House for Mr J CampbellCove DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 6 of 4221853House for Napier   Scotland 
Item 7 of 4221853Oakbank UP Manse, CampsieLennoxtown StirlingshireScotland 
Item 8 of 4221853SchoolKirkintilloch DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 9 of 4221853Wynd Free Church  GlasgowScotlandJob taken over from Hays of Liverpool
Item 10 of 4221854Sheds at harbour  DublinEireRoofs over existing sheds
Item 11 of 4221856Established Church, Sandyford Toll  GlasgowScotlandJob taken over from Emmett
Item 12 of 4221856Falfield Cotton Mills, warehousePort Eglinton GlasgowScotland 
Item 13 of 4221856Free Church ManseCardross DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 14 of 4221856House for Dr GosslingCove DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 15 of 4221856House for Henry YoungCove DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 16 of 4221856House for Patrick SteadHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 17 of 4221856House, 16 Newton Place  GlasgowScotland 
Item 18 of 4221856James Drew Monument   Scotland 
Item 19 of 4221856MonumentBothwell LanarkshireScotland 
Item 20 of 4221856Park CottageHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 21 of 4221856St Thomas's ChurchGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandCompleted Emmet's design (check this)
Item 22 of 4221857Anderston Free Church School  GlasgowScotland 
Item 23 of 4221857HouseBusby LanarkshireScotland 
Item 24 of 4221857House, Forsyth StreetGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 25 of 4221857LochsideGarelochhead ArgyllScotland 
Item 26 of 4221857Premises for Andrew Menzies  GlasgowScotland 
Item 27 of 4221858Govan PoorhouseMerryflats GlasgowScotland 
Item 28 of 4221858House for Captain James GalbraithHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 29 of 4221858House, Overnewton  GlasgowScotland 
Item 30 of 4221858House, Saughfield  GlasgowScotland 
Item 31 of 4221858LetraultRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 32 of 4221858Oswald SchoolLennoxtown StirlingshireScotland 
Item 33 of 4221858Tenement, Alston Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 34 of 4221858TowervilleHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 35 of 4221858ViewbankHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 36 of 4221859Ballymore Lodge, CroftheadHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 37 of 4221859Campbeltown PoorhouseCampbeltown ArgyllScotland 
Item 38 of 4221859CroyShandon DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 39 of 4221859Free Church ManseHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 40 of 4221859Mission Church and SchoolsPort Glasgow RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 41 of 4221861Craigton HouseFintry StirlingshireScotlandAlterations to original house
Item 42 of 4221861Finnieston Mission ChurchCartsdyke, Greenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 43 of 4221861Finnieston Mission Schools  GlasgowScotland 
Item 44 of 4221861Free West ChurchGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandWon competition to secure job - spire planned but not built
Item 45 of 4221861Govan Free ChurchGovan GlasgowScotlandAddition
Item 46 of 4221861Maryhill Parish ChurchMaryhill GlasgowScotlandPulpit
Item 47 of 4221861Scotland Street Iron Works  GlasgowScotland 
Item 48 of 4221862Ascog HallRothesayButeButeScotlandAdditions
Item 49 of 4221862Finnart HouseFinnart, Loch Long ArgyllScotlandAlterations
Item 50 of 4221862House for James StevensonLangside GlasgowScotland 
Item 51 of 4221862Lansdowne UP Church  GlasgowScotlandWon competition to secure job
Item 52 of 4221862Lynnkeith and cottageRattray PerthshireScotland 
Item 53 of 4221862Park Free ChurchHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 54 of 4221862University of Glasgow, Royal Observatory  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 55 of 4221863Anderston Free Church School  GlasgowScotlandFurther work
Item 56 of 4221863Charlotte Street Free Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 57 of 4221863Dumbarton Free ChurchDumbarton DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 58 of 4221863St Silas Episcopal Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 59 of 4221863Trinity Congregational Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 60 of 4221864ArdpatrickWest Loch Tarbert ArgyllScotlandAddition
Item 61 of 4221864Cathcart Free Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 62 of 4221864John & J C Burns Building  GlasgowScotland 
Item 63 of 4221864Lodge at LangsideLangside GlasgowScotland 
Item 64 of 4221864St John's Episcopal Church  Glasgow?ScotlandAddition (presumably)
Item 65 of 4221865Aikenhead HouseKing's Park GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 66 of 4221865CluthaWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 67 of 4221865Crofthead HouseNeilston RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 68 of 4221865HelensleeDumbarton DunbartonshireScotlandStable court
Item 69 of 4221865House, Saughfield  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 70 of 4221865Magdalene Home and Females House of RefugeLochburn GlasgowScotland 
Item 71 of 4221865School and Teacher's HouseDumbarton DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 72 of 4221865Towerville LodgeHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandOriginal building (1858) and alterations (1865)(Information given in 'Buildings of Scotland'- contradicted by Dean of Guild drawings).
Item 73 of 4221865Woodburn House and StableGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 74 of 4221866Daleally Farm SteadingErrol PerthshireScotland 
Item 75 of 4221866Free Barony Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 76 of 4221866Great Canal Brewery  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 77 of 4221866HelensleeDumbarton DunbartonshireScotlandLarge addition
Item 78 of 4221866LaggaryRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 79 of 4221866Lockerbie Free ChurchLockerbie DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 80 of 4221866Manchester Town Hall  ManchesterEnglandCompetition design - unplaced
Item 81 of 4221866Skelmorlie BankSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAlterations
Item 82 of 4221866Villa for Peter DennyDumbarton? Dunbartonshire?Scotland 
Item 83 of 4221866Vulcan Foundry, boiler shedGovan GlasgowScotlandAdditions
Item 84 of 4221866West BalgrayKelvinside GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 85 of 422186736 Mansionhouse RoadLangside GlasgowScotland 
Item 86 of 4221867Ardenlee   ScotlandHouse
Item 87 of 4221867ChaseleySkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 88 of 4221867Craigton HouseFintry StirlingshireScotlandNew house and lodge
Item 89 of 4221867Errol Park HouseErrol PerthshireScotlandExtensive alterations and additions to previous house
Item 90 of 4221867Ferniegair House, Lodge and StablesHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 91 of 4221867Free Gaelic ChurchSaltcoats AyrshireScotland 
Item 92 of 4221867House at Violet Bank  GlasgowScotland 
Item 93 of 4221867(?)House for William RamsayKilcreggan RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 94 of 4221867Methven UP ChurchMethven PerthshireScotland 
Item 95 of 4221867Skipness House  ArgyllScotlandFirst part of house
Item 96 of 4221868GlenearnBridge Of Earn PerthshireScotlandAlterations
Item 97 of 4221868Gorbals Youth School  GlasgowScotland 
Item 98 of 4221868Paisley Library and MuseumPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 99 of 4221868Park Free Church ManseHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 100 of 4221868Partick Free High ChurchPartick GlasgowScotland 
Item 101 of 4221868StrooveSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 102 of 4221868Villa at Skelmorlie (Craigdhu?)Skelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 103 of 4221869Aberfoyle Parish ChurchAberfoyle PerthshireScotlandOriginal building - took over job from John Thomas Rochead on the latter's retirement
Item 104 of 4221869Aberfoyle SchoolAberfoyle PerthshireScotlandTook over job from John Thomas Rochead on the latter's retirement
Item 105 of 4221869Ardenlee   ScotlandLodge, stable and coachman's house
Item 106 of 4221869BantaskineBantaskine StirlingshireScotlandAddition to mansion, or separate house on estate
Item 107 of 4221869Claremont House  GlasgowScotlandInternal remodelling
Item 108 of 4221869Eagle Pottery  GlasgowScotland 
Item 109 of 4221869Free West ChurchPerth PerthshireScotlandNew church, reconstruction of earlier building for hall (situated in Watergate)
Item 110 of 4221869Glasgow Necropolis, Monument to John Elder   Scotland 
Item 111 of 4221869Glenoran House, Conservatory and StablesRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 112 of 4221869House at CleddansBishopbriggs LanarkshireScotland 
Item 113 of 4221869KilardenRosneath / Roseneath DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 114 of 4221869Knockderry Castle and lodge (Knockderry Cottage)Cove DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions ('Buildings of Scotland' attributes orginal building to Honeyman, not Thomson, despite APSD reference)
Item 115 of 4221869MossvalePaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 116 of 4221869North Park HouseKelvinside GlasgowScotlandTaken over from J T Rochead.
Item 117 of 4221869Park CottageHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandExtension, for his father John Honeyman Senior (later demolished)
Item 118 of 422187046 Windsor TerraceWoodside GlasgowScotlandMinor alterations
Item 119 of 4221870Cardross Parish ChurchCardross DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations £450
Item 120 of 4221870CraigiehallBellahouston GlasgowScotland 
Item 121 of 4221870Free Presbyterian Hall   Scotland 
Item 122 of 4221870Glasgow Necropolis, funeral worksDennistoun GlasgowScotland 
Item 123 of 4221870Great Canal Brewery  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 124 of 4221870Great Wellington Wesleyan Chapel  GlasgowScotland 
Item 125 of 4221870Haughhead CottageGovan GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 126 of 4221870House (?) for Mrs GordonDumbarton DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 127 of 4221870North Haylee, plan of groundSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandPlan of ground
Item 128 of 4221870Parish Church ManseCardross DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 129 of 4221870Premises for Black & Honeyman  Glasgow?Scotland 
Item 130 of 4221870Premises for John NapierGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 131 of 4221871AshfordGourock RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations or new build?
Item 132 of 4221871Balcaulk Farm BuildingsErrol PerthshireScotland 
Item 133 of 4221871BlackdalesLargs AyrshireScotlandAlterations
Item 134 of 4221871CardellWeymss Bay RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations
Item 135 of 4221871City of Glasgow Bank, The CrossPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 136 of 4221871Craigton HouseFintry StirlingshireScotlandLodge
Item 137 of 4221871Homecraig VillaSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 138 of 4221871HouseWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotlandAdditions to original house - plans dated
Item 139 of 4221871House at Violet Bank  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 140 of 4221871House of Shelter for FemalesGarnethill GlasgowScotland 
Item 141 of 4221871Houses at Hunter's Quay (Woodend and Holly Lodge)Dunoon ArgyllScotland 
Item 142 of 4221871Monkshaw, Renfrew RoadPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 143 of 4221871New Established ChurchGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 144 of 4221871Northbank Farm Steading  Perthshire?Scotland 
Item 145 of 4221871Port Allen Farm Steading for Errol Park EstateErrol PerthshireScotland 
Item 146 of 4221871Stonefield Free Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 147 of 4221871University of Glasgow, Royal Observatory  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 148 of 4221871Villa MarinaKilcreggan DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 149 of 4221871Western Club  GlasgowScotlandInternal alterations and new wing on St Vincent Street
Item 150 of 4221871Woodbank HouseLargs AyrshireScotland 
Item 151 of 4221872Free Church and hallKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 152 of 4221872Halket Burn CottageSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 153 of 4221872House, SkelmorlieSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandLaundry extension etc
Item 154 of 4221872Orphans' Institution  GlasgowScotland£518 addition
Item 155 of 4221872Riccartsbar AsylumPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 156 of 4221872Scotland Street Iron Works  GlasgowScotlandExtension
Item 157 of 4221872StoneleighGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 158 of 4221873AshcraigSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAlterations
Item 159 of 4221873Buildings for Robert Napier & SonsGovan GlasgowScotlandNew yard
Item 160 of 4221873Charlotte Street Free Manse  GlasgowScotland 
Item 161 of 4221873EverleeUpper Skelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 162 of 4221873F & J Smith Furniture Warehouse  GlasgowScotlandOriginal building
Item 163 of 4221873FairlieburnBurnfoot Renfrewshire?Scotland 
Item 164 of 4221873Gourock Established Church hallGourock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 165 of 4221873House at Violet Bank  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 166 of 4221873Lansdowne UP Church  GlasgowScotlandAddition
Item 167 of 4221873Oakcraig VillaSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandNew build?
Item 168 of 4221873Scotland Street Iron Works  GlasgowScotlandExtension
Item 169 of 4221873Skelmorlie HouseSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 170 of 4221873West BalgrayKelvinside GlasgowScotlandMajor rebuilding
Item 171 of 4221874Candlish Memorial Free Church and hallGovanhill GlasgowScotland 
Item 172 of 4221874Fairfield Public SchoolGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 173 of 4221874Hall (Mission?), Calder Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 174 of 4221874Henderson Street School  GlasgowScotland 
Item 175 of 4221874House for John Innes   Scotland 
Item 176 of 4221874Morland HouseUpper Skelmorlie AyrshireScotlandEncapsulation of original house of 1862
Item 177 of 4221874Rockvilla Street School  GlasgowScotland 
Item 178 of 4221874Skelmorlie manseSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 179 of 4221874St Silas Episcopal Mission ChurchPartick GlasgowScotland 
Item 180 of 4221874The Cliff, House and StablesWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 181 of 4221874Tureen Street SchoolCalton GlasgowScotlandBuilding dated 1875. Northern block
Item 182 of 4221874William and Gavin B Millar Warehouse, The Cross  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 183 of 4221875AverleyKelvinside GlasgowScotlandOriginal house
Item 184 of 4221875Baptist ChurchGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 185 of 4221875Belhaven UP ChurchDowanhill GlasgowScotlandEntered competition
Item 186 of 4221875Cowden CastleMuckart PerthshireScotlandAlterations
Item 187 of 4221875Gourock East SchoolGourock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 188 of 4221875House for David AlexanderMillportGreat CumbraeButeScotland 
Item 189 of 4221875Premises for Robert Black, Buchanan Street  GlasgowScotlandAdditions?
Item 190 of 4221875St Philip's Free Church, JoppaPortobello EdinburghScotland 
Item 191 of 4221875Wellpark Free Church Halls  GlasgowScotland 
Item 192 of 4221876110-114 Bath Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 193 of 4221876241 and 243 West George Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 194 of 4221876Bank and House, 9 Moss StreetPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 195 of 4221876Beech HouseSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 196 of 4221876BlackdalesLargs AyrshireScotlandConversion of part to photographer's studio
Item 197 of 4221876Buchanan Memorial Church and HallOatlands GlasgowScotlandOriginal church
Item 198 of 4221876Gourock Central SchoolGourock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 199 of 4221876Parish ChurchPort of Menteith PerthshireScotland 
Item 200 of 4221876Park Free Church HallsHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions to halls
Item 201 of 4221876Rev J Fanning's Schools  GlasgowScotland 
Item 202 of 4221876Scotland Street Iron Works  GlasgowScotlandExtension
Item 203 of 4221876Skelmorlie CastleSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAdditions
Item 204 of 4221876Tigh-na-maraRosneath / Roseneath DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 205 of 4221877Ballachulish HotelBallachulish ArgyllScotland 
Item 206 of 4221877Kilmacolm ManseKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 207 of 4221877RC Convent, DalbethTollcross GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 208 of 4221877RoutenburnLargs AyrshireScotland 
Item 209 of 4221877Scots Church  GenoaItaly 
Item 210 of 4221877St Anthony's RC ChurchGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 211 of 4221878British Workmen's Public HousePaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 212 of 4221878CAthedral Square UP Church  GlasgowScotland 
Item 213 of 4221878Duke Street Reformatory  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 214 of 4221878Free College Church Mission hall  GlasgowScotland 
Item 215 of 4221878House for C D DonaldRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 216 of 4221878Langhaugh, LynhurstGalashiels SelkirkshireScotlandHouse
Item 217 of 4221878Ormidale HouseLoch Riddon ArgyllScotlandGate lodges
Item 218 of 4221878Skelmorlie Boarding SchoolSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 219 of 4221878Skipness House  ArgyllScotlandSecond phase of house
Item 220 of 4221878St John's Parish Church  GlasgowScotlandOrgan, pulpit, etc.
Item 221 of 4221878Swanstonhill ButeButeScotlandMajor additions to form Kyles of Bute Hydropathic & Swanstonhill Sanatorium
Item 222 of 4221878Town BuildingsHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 223 of 4221878Woodside Terrace  GlasgowScotlandAlterations - unclear which house(s)
Item 224 of 4221879ArdvarWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 225 of 4221879CraignahullieUpper Skelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAlterations? New build?
Item 226 of 4221879Culcreuch CastleFintry StirlingshireScotlandAddition
Item 227 of 4221879GlenviewPaisley RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations
Item 228 of 4221879Langhaugh, LynhurstGalashiels SelkirkshireScotlandStables and offices
Item 229 of 4221879ParkhallKillearn StirlingshireScotland 
Item 230 of 4221880166 Sauchiehall Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 231 of 4221880Ballachulish ChurchBallachulish ArgyllScotlandRadical reconstruction
Item 232 of 4221880House, Stable and Lodge for Robert MasonGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 233 of 4221880Oatlands ChurchGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 234 of 4221880Union Street Premises for James Orr  GlasgowScotlandAlterations (?) costing £2486
Item 235 of 4221880Westbourne Free ChurchKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 236 of 4221881BroomcraigLargs AyrshireScotlandAlterations
Item 237 of 4221881HeywoodSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAddition
Item 238 of 4221881House for William HoustonLargs AyrshireScotland 
Item 239 of 4221881House of RefugeEast Chapelton, Bearsden GlasgowScotland 
Item 240 of 4221881HowgateKilwinning AyrshireScotland 
Item 241 of 4221881IvybankWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotlandAdditions and alterations costing £1456
Item 242 of 4221881Kilfinan Parish ChurchKilfinan ArgyllScotland 
Item 243 of 4221881MurdostounNewmains LanarkshireScotlandAlterations
Item 244 of 4221881North Merchiston Established Church, with hall and beadle's houseSlateford EdinburghScotland 
Item 245 of 4221881Observatory, OakshawPaisley RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 246 of 4221881Rosneath ManseRosneath / Roseneath DunbartonshireScotlandRemodelling
Item 247 of 4221881StrooveSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAdditions
Item 248 of 4221881ViewparkRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandAddition
Item 249 of 4221882Auchamore House GighaArgyllScotlandRemodelling
Item 250 of 4221882Beech HouseSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland£980 additions and new dining room
Item 251 of 4221882Lodge for Peter DennyDumbarton DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 252 of 4221882Mission HallGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 253 of 4221882Paisley Library and MuseumPaisley RenfrewshireScotlandExtension
Item 254 of 4221883Aberfoyle Parish ChurchAberfoyle PerthshireScotlandEnlargement
Item 255 of 4221883Building, Union Street  GlasgowScotlandAdditions
Item 256 of 4221883HunterstonWest Kilbride AyrshireScotlandRemodelling costing £4792.
Item 257 of 4221883Independent (Congregational) ChurchHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandLarge addition
Item 258 of 4221883Lochgilphead Parish ChurchLochgilphead ArgyllScotlandDesigned church
Item 259 of 4221883Premises for William Millar  GlasgowScotland 
Item 260 of 4221883Prison Gate Mission Home  GlasgowScotlandMackintosh website gives late 1870s but does not give source.
Item 261 of 4221883Shandon HouseGareloch ArgyllScotlandBilliard Room
Item 262 of 4221883 or 1884House for Rev John YellowleesLarbert StirlingshireScotland 
Item 263 of 4221884Elder ParkGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 264 of 4221884The Cliff, House and StablesWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotlandFurther work (also 1881 additions)
Item 265 of 4221885Buildings at Carnock EstateCowie StirlingshireScotland 
Item 266 of 4221885Castle KnockCrieff PerthshireScotland 
Item 267 of 4221885Govan Parish ChurchGovan GlasgowScotlandRebuilding of Govan Parish Church on new site
Item 268 of 4221885LagarieRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions to previous house
Item 269 of 4221885Millport Parish ChurchMillportGreat CumbraeButeScotlandAlterations
Item 270 of 4221885St Philip's Free Church, JoppaPortobello EdinburghScotlandPulpit
Item 271 of 422c. 1885HelensleeDumbarton DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions
Item 272 of 422c. 1885Knockderry Castle and lodge (Knockderry Cottage)Cove DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions
Item 273 of 4221886Camis Eskan HouseCraigendoran DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 274 of 4221886Free Church and hallKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotlandHall
Item 275 of 4221886Gourock East SchoolGourock RenfrewshireScotlandAddition
Item 276 of 4221886Kilmacolm Parish ChurchKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotlandRepaired and reseated
Item 277 of 4221886Lochgilphead District Asylum for the InsaneLochgilphead ArgyllScotlandAlterations to main block
Item 278 of 4221886Manse at ClydebankClydebank DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 279 of 4221886Tureen Street SchoolCalton GlasgowScotlandAddition
Item 280 of 4221887Buchanan Memorial Church and HallOatlands GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 281 of 4221887Craigton HouseFintry StirlingshireScotlandAddition
Item 282 of 4221887(?)DunrowanRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations. Perhaps proposed alterations?
Item 283 of 4221887Glenbarr Abbey  ArgyllScotlandGate lodge
Item 284 of 4221887Gorbals Youth School  GlasgowScotlandAddition
Item 285 of 4221887Manse at GovanGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 286 of 4221887St Andrews Parish ChurchGullane East LothianScotland 
Item 287 of 4221888RossleaRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations to drawing room
Item 288 of 4221889140 Bath Street (to rear) at Sauchiehall Lane  GlasgowScotlandExtension
Item 289 of 42218893 Grosvenor Terrace  GlasgowScotlandInterior work and additions, £4260.
Item 290 of 4221889Building in Virginia Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 291 of 4221889Cardross Drill Hall, GeilstonCardross DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 292 of 4221889Craigton HouseFintry StirlingshireScotlandInternal alterations
Item 293 of 4221889Fairfield Shipbuilding Company OfficesGovan GlasgowScotland 
Item 294 of 4221889Free West ChurchGreenock RenfrewshireScotlandAdditions
Item 295 of 4221889KilardenRosneath / Roseneath DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions
Item 296 of 4221890Aberfoyle SchoolAberfoyle PerthshireScotlandAdditions
Item 297 of 4221890Building for Wylie & Lochhead  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 298 of 4221890Camis Eskan HouseCraigendoran DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 299 of 4221890Craigrownie ChurchCove DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 300 of 4221890DunloeWemyss Bay RenfrewshireScotlandRemodelling
Item 301 of 4221890Free ChurchNorth Berwick East LothianScotlandAdditions
Item 302 of 4221890Glasgow Cathedral  GlasgowScotlandUnspecified work, £534.
Item 303 of 4221890Hide and Skin Market  GlasgowScotland 
Item 304 of 4221890Kilmacolm Parish ChurchKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotland13th century chancel restored for use as vestry
Item 305 of 4221890Lochgilphead Parish ChurchLochgilphead ArgyllScotlandCommunion table
Item 306 of 4221890Sugar ExchangeGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 307 of 422Before 1890Houses of Parliament  SydneyAustralia 
Item 308 of 422c. 1890House, Rowallan RoadThornliebank GlasgowScotland 
Item 309 of 4221891Bank of Scotland Buildings  GlasgowScotlandMinor alterations
Item 310 of 4221891Canal Boatmen's InstitutePort Dundas GlasgowScotland 
Item 311 of 4221891DunrowanRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandFurther alterations
Item 312 of 4221891East Kilbride Parish ChurchEast Kilbride LanarkshireScotlandCommunion table and chair
Item 313 of 4221891Gargunnock Parish ChurchGargunnock StirlingshireScotlandAlterations
Item 314 of 4221891Glasgow Art Gallery and MuseumKelvingrove GlasgowScotlandCompetition design - short-listed and selected for final competition
Item 315 of 4221891House (?) for Captain RickardsNorth Berwick East LothianScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 316 of 4221891Iona Abbey IonaArgyllScotlandProposed restoration - not executed at the time
Item 317 of 4221891Loretto School ChapelMusselburgh MidlothianScotland 
Item 318 of 4221891Rhu Parish ChurchRhu/Row DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 319 of 4221891Store in Bishop Street  GlasgowScotlandRepairs
Item 320 of 4221891The GlassertAberfoyle PerthshireScotlandAlterations to house, veranda and repairs
Item 321 of 4221892218-220 St Vincent Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations and conversion to offices (no 220)
Item 322 of 4221892Bellahouston Established Church  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 323 of 4221892Glasgow Cathedral, Monument to Dr Peter Low  GlasgowScotland 
Item 324 of 4221892House, 42 Miller Street  GlasgowScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 325 of 4221892Manchester Technical Schools  ManchesterEnglandCompetition design submitted (Mackintosh as assistant) - unplaced
Item 326 of 4221892Prestwick Free ChurchPrestwick AyrshireScotlandAlterations and additions, £971.
Item 327 of 422c. 1892Bluevale ChurchDennistoun GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 328 of 4221893Abercorn Parish ChurchPaisley RenfrewshireScotlandAlterations
Item 329 of 4221893Castlemilk House  GlasgowScotlandAdditions
Item 330 of 4221893Conservative ClubHelensburgh DunbartonshireScotlandMackintosh probably responsible, whilst assistant
Item 331 of 4221893Glasgow Art Club  GlasgowScotlandNew saloon and other alterations
Item 332 of 4221893(?)Glasgow Herald Building  GlasgowScotlandMitchell Street new building and internal remodelling
Item 333 of 4221893Gourock Central SchoolGourock RenfrewshireScotlandAddition
Item 334 of 4221893Morland HouseUpper Skelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAdditions
Item 335 of 4221893Property at 34 Carrick Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 336 of 4221893Skelmorlie Parish ChurchSkelmorlie AyrshireScotland 
Item 337 of 4221893St Michael's Parish ChurchLinlithgow West LothianScotlandRestoration, new pulpit and font
Item 338 of 4221893Strathblane Free ChurchBlanefield StirlingshireScotlandRecast and extended
Item 339 of 4221894AuchencraigLargs AyrshireScotlandAdditions
Item 340 of 4221894Bridge of Allan Chapel of EaseBridge of Allan StirlingshireScotlandMinor alterations
Item 341 of 4221894Buchanan Memorial Church and HallOatlands GlasgowScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 342 of 4221894Free Church and hallKirkcudbright KirkcudbrightshireScotlandAlterations
Item 343 of 4221894Largo Parish ChurchUpper Largo FifeScotlandRestoration
Item 344 of 4221894Medical School for WomenKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 345 of 4221894Royal Insurance Company Building  GlasgowScotlandCompetition design submitted - not successful
Item 346 of 4221894The Knowe  Glasgow?Scotland 
Item 347 of 4221895Camis Eskan HouseCraigendoran DunbartonshireScotlandAlterations
Item 348 of 4221895Free West ChurchPerth PerthshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 349 of 4221895Holy Trinity Church HallBridge of Allan StirlingshireScotland 
Item 350 of 4221895Lennox Castle InnLennoxtown StirlingshireScotlandReconstruction
Item 351 of 4221895Martyrs Public School  GlasgowScotland 
Item 352 of 4221895North Merchiston Established Church, with hall and beadle's houseSlateford EdinburghScotlandOrgan case and alterations
Item 353 of 4221895Prestwick Free ChurchPrestwick AyrshireScotlandAddition of belltower - also some furnishings?
Item 354 of 4221895Prison Gate Mission Home  GlasgowScotlandAdditions - reception room and three bedrooms added to existing two-storey house.
Item 355 of 4221895St David's Parish Church hallKirkintilloch DunbartonshireScotlandAddition of hall to church
Item 356 of 4221895St Paul's Church mission hall  GlasgowScotland 
Item 357 of 4221895West Free Church HallPerth PerthshireScotland 
Item 358 of 422c. 1895Store, Bishop Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 359 of 4221896Altskeith, KinlochardAberfoyle PerthshireScotland 
Item 360 of 4221896Auchamore House GighaArgyllScotlandReconstruction after fire
Item 361 of 4221896Belfast Town Hall  BelfastNorthern IrelandCompetition design submitted - not successful
Item 362 of 4221896Bellahouston DispensaryBellahouston GlasgowScotland 
Item 363 of 4221896House of RefugeEast Chapelton, Bearsden GlasgowScotlandAdditions
Item 364 of 4221896Kilmadock Parish ChurchDoune PerthshireScotlandAlterations
Item 365 of 4221896Magdalene Home and Females House of RefugeLochburn GlasgowScotlandAlterations and baths
Item 366 of 4221896Paisley Technical SchoolPaisley RenfrewshireScotlandSecond and third premiated competition designs
Item 367 of 4221896Pettigrew & Stephens Department Store  GlasgowScotlandMajor reconstruction of existing warehouse
Item 368 of 4221896Saracen Tool Works, Gallowgate, Great Dovehill  GlasgowScotland 
Item 369 of 4221896Shop, 401 Sauchiehall Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 370 of 422189711 Margaret StreetGreenock RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 371 of 4221897Biggar ManseBiggar LanarkshireScotlandElevations?
Item 372 of 4221897CraigiehallBellahouston GlasgowScotlandInterior of music room
Item 373 of 4221897CraigleeDennistoun GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 374 of 4221897Foreign and British Aerated Water Company Factory  GlasgowScotland 
Item 375 of 4221897House, 42 Miller Street  GlasgowScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 376 of 4221897Kirkintilloch Public SchoolKirkintilloch DunbartonshireScotland 
Item 377 of 4221897Scottish Alliance Insurance Company  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 378 of 4221897Tenement, Catherine Street  GlasgowScotlandOutside WCs added
Item 379 of 422c. 1897Kilmacolm ManseKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 380 of 422c. 1897Kilmadock Parish ManseDoune PerthshireScotland 
Item 381 of 422c. 1897Skelmorlie BankSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandAlterations
Item 382 of 422189812 Claremont Gardens  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 383 of 4221898233 St Vincent Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 384 of 42218983 Montgomerie Crescent  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 385 of 4221898Belhaven UP ChurchDowanhill GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 386 of 4221898Brechin CathedralBrechin AngusScotlandRestoration, alterations and additions
Item 387 of 4221898Cottage for Alfred A ToddBridge of Weir RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 388 of 4221898Ferndean for Dr John CalderwoodBarrhead RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 389 of 4221898Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901Kelvingrove GlasgowScotlandCompetition design - unplaced
Item 390 of 4221898National Bank of Scotland  GlasgowScotlandUnsuccessful competition design
Item 391 of 4221898North Berwick Church HallNorth Berwick East LothianScotland 
Item 392 of 4221898Principal's HouseUniversity Gardens GlasgowScotlandAddition of porch
Item 393 of 4221898Ruchill Street Free Church Mission Halls  GlasgowScotland 
Item 394 of 4221898Skelmorlie Parish ChurchSkelmorlie AyrshireScotlandPulpit and other fittings
Item 395 of 4221899101-103 St Vincent Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 396 of 422189914 Lansdowne Crescent  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 397 of 4221899CAthedral Square UP Church  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 398 of 4221899Gourock Parish ChurchGourock RenfrewshireScotlandExtension/pulpit and choir stalls
Item 399 of 4221899Manse at GovanGovan GlasgowScotlandAlterations?
Item 400 of 422c. 189953 Muslin Street  GlasgowScotland 
Item 401 of 4221900224 St Vincent Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 402 of 422190073 John Street  GlasgowScotlandAlterations
Item 403 of 4221900Daily Record Building  GlasgowScotland 
Item 404 of 4221900House at Kilmacolm (Altondyke?)Kilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 405 of 4221900Maison Dieu ChapelBrechin AngusScotlandRepairs
Item 406 of 4221900Premises of West of Scotland Furniture Manufacturing CoBeith AyrshireScotlandAlterations
Item 407 of 4221900Prison Gate Mission Home  GlasgowScotlandNew laundry chimney, alterations and repairs
Item 408 of 4221900St Bryde's HouseHowwood RenfrewshireScotlandBrick addition
Item 409 of 422Late 1900 or early 1901Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College  GlasgowScotlandCompetition design submitted after invitation - unsuccessful
Item 410 of 422190129 Hamilton Drive  GlasgowScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 411 of 4221901Auchenbothie house, stables, gate lodge, cottage etcKilmacolm/Kilmalcolm RenfrewshireScotlandGate lodge - Mackintosh probably responsible, whilst assistant
Item 412 of 4221901Aytoun HouseKelvinside GlasgowScotland 
Item 413 of 4221901Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901, exhibition stand for Glasgow School of Art  GlasgowScotland 
Item 414 of 4221901Monkton   ScotlandAdditions - billiard room, outbuildings etc
Item 415 of 4221901Tower Building  GlasgowScotlandShopfront alterations
Item 416 of 4221901Workmen's cottagesTulloch PerthshireScotland 
Item 417 of 422c. 1901Aytoun House  GlasgowScotlandAddition to no 3
Item 418 of 4221902Iona Abbey IonaArgyllScotlandRestoration of choir, crossing & transepts - with Thomas Ross.
Item 419 of 4221904Iona Abbey IonaArgyllScotlandRestoration of rose window in north gable
Item 420 of 4221904Iona Abbey, Monument to Abbot John MacKinnon IonaArgyllScotlandRestoration
Item 421 of 4221908Ecclesmachan Parish ChurchEcclesmachan West LothianScotlandProbably consulted by his son Herbert Lewis Honeyman on alterations and additions - new porch and west chancel
Item 422 of 4221910Queen’s University  BelfastNorthern IrelandUnplaced entry in competition


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Archive References

The following archives hold material relating to this architect:
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