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Basic Biographical Details

Name: David Bryce
Designation: Architect
Born: 3 April 1803
Died: 5 May 1876
Bio Notes: David Bryce was born in Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, on 3 April 1803, the second of the four children of William Bryce, then described as a mason, and his wife Agnes Todd. William Bryce thereafter became an architect builder, moving to North Richmond Street in 1808. In about 1813 he moved again to Greenside Place from which address his younger sons attended the Royal High School. Sometime before 1815 William Bryce's eldest son, William (junior), who must have been much older than the others, had married and obtained a place in William Burn's recently established practice. To supplement his income William Bryce (junior) established an architectural academy, first in East St James Street, Edinburgh and then at 15 South St James Street. David probably received his earliest architectural training at this academy, thereafter assisting his brother with his pupils and with his private practice which consisted mainly of work for the family building business in Stockbridge. But on 5 December 1823 William (junior) died, leaving his two younger brothers David and John with financial responsibility for his widow and three young children, Margaret, William and David. To provide an income for the family David and John continued the academy, and Burn gave David his brother's place in his office. This arrangement enabled William Bryce Senior to retire from business in 1826, when he moved to Agnes Grove, Trinity. By that date David had achieved a senior position in Burn's office and had taken a house in the family development at Hermitage Place, Stockbridge. This soon proved insufficiently central for the academy and for his private practice which had progressed from church and school commissions passed on to him by Burn to his first known country house (Newton Hall, Fife) designed in April 1829. He moved first to Great Stuart Street and in 1835 to 53 Castle Street, where he was joined by his mother, by then a widow. Some three years earlier, c.1832 his brother John had left the Bryce household and academy to set up independent practice in Glasgow. Nevertheless the brothers remained close, jointly undertaking speculative development in Garnethill and in Cambridge Street in Glasgow.

Very early in their careers David and John Bryce became accomplished in the design of neo-Jacobean ornament, a development related to the transition from neo Tudor to neo-Jacobean in Burn's practice in the years 1826-29. Between 1831 and 1836 David drew out the plates for his 'Sketches of Scotch and Old English Ornament'which still exists in folio form but was never published. More innovatively the brothers were also pioneers of neo-Mannerism and neo-Baroque, making their debut in these idioms at David's St Mark's Unitarian Church in Edinburgh and John's McGavin Monument in Glasgow Necropolis. Their development seems to have had its origin in the 17th-century Italian publications David had acquired, supplemented by tracings taken from others found in the libraries of clients. These studies made possible Burn's completion of Salvin's Harlaxton, and the accomplished detailing of his great houses at Falkland, Whitehill, Stoke Rochford and Revesby: they were also extensively used for the inventive neo-Baroque doorpiece details of Burn's lesser country houses.

In March 1841 David Bryce sought membership of the Institute of Architects in Scotland, formed in August of the previous year with the Duke of Buccleuch as president and Burn as Vice-President. Although he had by then designed three distinguished insurance buildings in Edinburgh's George Street in his own name and was about to build the monumental Edinburgh and Leith Bank in the same street, this request was 'unfavourable (sic) received' as he was regarded as Burn's employee rather than as a principal. Burn then formally proposed him as a fellow at the beginning of May but as his admission was still opposed by the committee, Burn resigned from the Institute altogether on the 5th, bringing about its collapse.

Later in that same year, 1844, Burn took Bryce into partnership, partly because Bryce was now attracting commissions in his own right and partly because the travelling required for Burn's major English and Irish houses was severely eroding the time he could devote to his Scottish clients. Still in that same year Burn moved his house and office to 6 Stratton Street, Piccadilly, in London as a convenient address for dealing with his English and Irish clients and for his grander Scottish ones during the winter season. The partnership agreement would seem to have been that Bryce would manage all Scottish business from Burn's house at 131 George Street into which Bryce moved following Burn's departure.

Within the year the partnership became strained as a result of problems with the slating of the ducal Episcopal chapel at Dalkeith where the Duchess's enmity made Burn particularly sensitive of his reputation. Distance and travel being what it then was, Bryce was soon dealing directly with most of the Scottish clients and designing the Scottish commissions with relatively little reference to Burn in London. But inevitably some of the grander clients preferred to deal directly with Burn and the breaking point came in 1849 when Burn accepted the commission for Poltalloch and supervised it from the London office. At the time the break suited the interest of both partners. Burn was now relatively short of commissions for completely new houses in England and Ireland while Bryce's Edinburgh practice was now busier than Burn's in London with three bank head offices to its credit and a country house clientele which had traded up from medium size houses to the giant Inchdairnie in which Bryce's Scottish baronial idiom achieved maturity, setting the pattern for the still bolder houses of the 1850s and 1860s.

The partnership of Burn and Bryce ended formally by 11 July 1850 when Burn wrote to his publisher John Blackwood: 'I have closed my partnership with Bryce it being utterly impossible to go on with him'. Burn's letter to Blackwood does not give any further reason, but there may have been others beyond Dalkeith chapel and Poltalloch. Bryce had become a friend of Robert William Billings, whose 'Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland' had been initiated with an advance of 1000 from Burn. In October 1848 Burn withdrew his capital following a dispute over the commissioning of John Hill Burton to write the text. Originally the book was published in their joint names but thereafter his name was dropped, a move to which Burn objected. Billings publicised the dispute in an unflattering note to the next printing. It is also possible that Bryce's still more public dispute with Edinburgh Town Council caused Burn some concern. In May 1848 agreement had been reached with the North British Railway on the removal of Trinity College Church which was a burgh church. The Lord Provost, the publisher Adam Black, commissioned Burn and Bryce to buy the stones and rebuild the church on Calton Hill in October, superseding proposals by David Rhind for the replacement church ordered by the Sheriff. The stones were numbered and the church comprehensively photographed, perhaps Bryce's first acquaintance with photography. Black's commission brought Bryce into conflict not only with Rhind but with the Free Church faction in the Town Council which had no wish to rebuild the church. Accusations of unprofessional conduct flew and despite Bryce's stout defence the firm briefly suffered some reputational damage. Bryce never succeeded in rebuilding the church, but his project watercolours featured prominently in the RSA of 1851.

Because of Burn's opposition to the work of the practice being published or publicly shown, Trinity College Church was Bryce's first exhibit . Very exceptionally he was elected ARSA in the same year, the Academy, probably taking into account the sheer excellence of his newly completed Roman Corinthian British Linen Bank in St Andrews Square completed in that same year. Once elected he became an enthusiastic supporter of the Academy exhibiting giant watercolours of his bank and country house projects every year thereafter with the single exception of 1854. He was elected full academician in 1856 and admitted FRSE in the same year. Appointment as Grand Architect to the Masonic Grand Lodge of Scotland followed in 1860 and in 1865 the Earl of Dalhousie and of Wemyss and March proposed him for membership of the New Club, then almost exclusively the preserve of the nobility and greater landed and legal gentry, but the waiting list being what it was it was not until 1871 that he was admitted.

There is no record of Bryce's having travelled although the excellence of the late French gothic detailing of Fettes College, a commission taken over from Playfair who had died in 1857, suggests that by that date, 1862, he had first hand knowledge of original sources rather than simply borrowing from the publications of Clutton, Berty, Petit and Sauvageot, all of which he had in his library. Like his pupil Kinnear his was a co-founder of the Photographic Society of Scotland in 1856 and he may have taken a Kinnear camera on his travels. Although it could have been obtained from the building journals rather than at first hand, contemporary French influence from Visconti's New Louvre was markedly evident in some of the detail, though not the overall profile, of his 1864-70 reconstruction of the Bank of Scotland on the Mound.

The Bank was a commission Bryce had recovered from Peddie & Kinnear in circumstances which must have caused some embarrassment although his friendship with Kinnear seems to have survived. In 1854 Bryce had prepared sketch plans for an even more monumental scheme with a high level colonnade overlooking Princes Street for Alexander Blair, the bank's treasurer. This proved too expensive for the cautious Blair, particularly so after the crisis of 1857 when the Western Bank failed. In 1858-60 Blair commissioned several less expensive sketch proposals from Kinnear and after Blair died, his successor John Mackenzie, apparently unaware of Bryce's earlier involvement, instructed Peddie & Kinnear to seek Bryce's opinion on them. Bryce avoided any criticism of Kinnear's schemes by requesting Kinnear to ask the Bank to consult him directly, but concurrently he took steps to recover the commission probably with the support of the Bank's governor, his client the Earl of Dalhousie. While there is no record of any formal decision the matter seems to have been settled by an agreement that Bryce would design the head office and the New Town branch in George Street - which was not built in Bryce's life-time - and that Kinnear would be commissioned for the provincial banks.

Bryce's middle years were beset with continuing family problems and responsibilities. His brother William's family had grown up and his son David Bryce (junior) had left to set up practice on his own account by 1852, his architecture being very similar to his uncle's. But Bryce's sister Ann who had married into the Lawrence family, Bryce's quantity surveyors, had also died early and Bryce seems to have made himself responsible for her family; and on 31 August 1851 his brother John died and he found himself wholly responsible for the upbringing of nephews and nieces for a second time. Sometime before 1841 Bryce had a natural son of his own, also named David Bryce, who was brought up separately by his mother Janet Tod and a foster-mother and was provided for in a will made in 1852. Janet Tod lived with her solicitor brother at a respectable Gilmore Place address and the reasons why Bryce did not marry the mother are unknown. Bryce's own household at 131 George Street was managed by a cousin on his mother's side, Jane Todd, in later years with the assistance of his niece, John's elder daughter, Jessie. A seaside house was maintained at Portobello, probably to keep the nephews and nieces out of the office as far as possible, and when he died it was willed to John and Jessie jointly.

In or about 1870 Bryce slipped on a frozen-over platform at Cargill Station when returning from an inspection of the work at Meikleour House. He broke a leg and never fully recovered becoming subject to recurrent bronchitis. It was probably due to frequent indisposition that Bryce took Robert Rowand Anderson into partnership in 1873, with his brother John's son, John Bryce (junior) joining the partnership a little later in the same year. However at that stage in his career Anderson was primarily a church architect and incompatibility brought about its dissolution within a year. Bryce remained in partnership with John Bryce (junior), the partnership title becoming David & John Bryce.

David Bryce died at 131 George Street on 5 August 1876 after a six-day illness of bladder and bronchial problems and was buried at New Calton Cemetery. He left what was then a very substantial sum of 37,973 3s 6d and considerable heritable property. His natural son David Bryce Tod tried but failed to have David Bryce's will amended to accept him as the legitimated son and heir. Whether or not Janet Tod was a cousin (the spelling of Tod is different from his mother's family) has not yet been proved. David Bryce Tod lived in Worcester and then ran a coach-building business in Bishop Auckland, where he and his wife, Annie, raised a family of 11 children. In his last years he returned to Scotland with his wife and daughter and they ran a Temperance Hotel in Aberlady.

Contemporaries described Bryce as forthright and 'somewhat rough in manner' although he must have been courteous enough to retain such an aristocratic clientele. Portraits and photographs show that he was a big man, left-handed, in earlier years at least with sandy hair, and is said to have preferred to work standing at an easel with his right arm behind his back returning to the design again and again until he was satisfied with it.

John Bryce retained the practice title of David & John Bryce after his uncle's death, completing the work in hand and running a generally similar practice until the early 1890s when business trailed off. He was admitted FRIBA on 13 January 1879, his proposers being Charles Barry (junior), Richard Armstrong (a former assistant) and Edmund Benjamin Ferrey. He retired in 1908 and died on 22 August 1922, leaving moveable estate of 34,831 19s 6d.

After 1908 the practice was continued by John's nephew John Bryce Brechin, son of John's sister Davida who had married Robert Miller Brechin, commission agent, and a member of the Brechin quantity surveying family. He did not join the RIBA and is not as yet recorded as having carried out any architectural work. His business was perhaps more surveyor than architect. He retired in 1928 when the practice was closed and the drawings dispersed. The large project watercolour drawings prepared for exhibition at the RSA were given to the RIAS which subsequently disposed of them: some are now at RCAHMS. The library, including the folio of 'Sketches of Scotch and Old English Ornament' was bought by an American, Joseph Gavarelli, who presented it to George Washington University at St Louis Missouri, in 1932. John Bryce Brechin died in retirement on 18 April 1941.

Private and Business Addresses

The following private or business addresses are associated with this architect:
 AddressTypeDate fromDate toNotes
Item 1 of 49, Hermitage Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate/businessc. 1826c. 1830 
Item 2 of 42, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate/businessc. 18301835 
Item 3 of 453, Castle Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate/business18351844 
Item 4 of 4131, George Street, Edinburgh, ScotlandPrivate/business18441876 

Employment and Training


The following individuals or organisations employed or trained this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 4William BurnAfter 18231844Assistant 
Item 2 of 4Burn & Bryce18441849Partner 
Item 3 of 4Bryce, Anderson & Bryce18731873Partner 
Item 4 of 4D & J Bryce18731876Partner 

Employees or Pupils

The following individuals were employed or trained by this architect (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate fromDate toPositionNotes
Item 1 of 27Robert Thornton Shiells  Apprentice 
Item 2 of 27John Paterson  Apprentice 
Item 3 of 27William Fowler Before 1857Apprentice 
Item 4 of 27Andrew Robb Scott Before 1874Apprentice 
Item 5 of 27John Thomas Rocheadc. 1831c. 1837Apprentice 
Item 6 of 27John BryceBefore 1833 Assistant 
Item 7 of 27David SmartAfter 18391858Assistant'for many years'
Item 8 of 27David Bryce (junior)Before 1841Before 1851(?)Assistant 
Item 9 of 27Thomas Turnbull1842 Clerk of Works 
Item 10 of 27Thomas TurnbullAfter 1842 Draughtsman 
Item 11 of 27William Paton Burtonc. 1844c. 1849Apprentice 
Item 12 of 27James Maclaren1848 *1850Assistant 
Item 13 of 27James Campbell Walker1849(?)1856 or early 1857Principal Clerk 
Item 14 of 27James Maitland WardropBefore 1849(?)Before 1849(?)Assistant(?) 
Item 15 of 27Charles George Hood Kinnear1850c. 1853Apprentice 
Item 16 of 27William Hamilton Beattiec. 1855c. 1860Apprentice 
Item 17 of 27John James Stevenson18561858Apprentice 
Item 18 of 27Robert Morhamc. 1859c. 1862Assistant 
Item 19 of 27John McKean Brydon18601863Assistant 
Item 20 of 27William Henry Syme18641867Improver 
Item 21 of 27John Bridgeford Piriec. 1866c. 1867Improver 
Item 22 of 27Alexander Marshall Mackenziec. 1869Before 1877Assistant 
Item 23 of 27Richard Armstrong (junior)c. 1870 Assistant 
Item 24 of 27Charles Stewart Still Johnstonc. 1870c. 1874Apprentice 
Item 25 of 27George Wilsonc. 18701874 or 1875Assistant 
Item 26 of 27James Macintyre Henry18721876Assistant 
Item 27 of 27John Bryce II (or John Bryce (junior))Before 1873 Assistant 

* earliest date known from documented sources.


RIBA Proposers

The following individuals proposed this architect for RIBA membership (click on an item to view details):
 NameDate proposedNotes
Item 1 of 3William Burn15 December 1845for Fellowship
Item 2 of 3Thomas Leverton Donaldson15 December 1845for Fellowship
Item 3 of 3Henry Edward Kendall15 December 1845for Fellowship

Buildings and Designs

This architect was involved with the following buildings or structures from the date specified (click on an item to view details):
 Date startedBuilding nameTown, district or villageIslandCity or countyCountryNotes
Item 1 of 370 Oldhall HouseWatten CaithnessScotlandAttribution by Gifford in 'Buildings of Scotland' - date unknown
Item 2 of 370 St Cuthbert's Parish Churchyard, Monument ot the Gordons of Cluny  EdinburghScotlandDate unknown
Item 3 of 3701829Coylton Parish ChurchCoylton AyrshireScotlandOne of Bryce's earliest recorded commissions
Item 4 of 3701829Newton HallKennoway FifeScotlandBryce's first known independent commission
Item 5 of 3701830Belleisle HouseAlloway AyrshireScotlandWhile in Burn's office
Item 6 of 3701830Currie Parish SchoolCurrie MidlothianScotlandNew school house built on site of previous school
Item 7 of 3701830Lothian Road UP Church  EdinburghScotland 
Item 8 of 3701830Rozelle HouseAyr AyrshireScotlandRecasting
Item 9 of 3701830Rozelle StablesAyr AyrshireScotland 
Item 10 of 370c. 1830Cassillis HouseMaybole AyrshireScotlandAddition of a two-storey front - while in Burn's office
Item 11 of 3701831Glasgow NecropolisDennistoun GlasgowScotlandCompetition design - premiated
Item 12 of 3701832Keir Estate, Home Farm SteadingDunblane PerthshireScotlandBryce paid for plans for home farm
Item 13 of 3701834New Club  EdinburghScotlandAs assistant to William Burn
Item 14 of 3701834St Cuthbert's ChurchMonkton and Prestwick AyrshireScotland 
Item 15 of 3701834St Mark's Unitarian Chapel  EdinburghScotland 
Item 16 of 3701835BowerhouseDunbar East LothianScotlandAttributed to Bryce in his obituary though it was certainly done through Burn's office.
Item 17 of 3701835Currie Parish ChurchCurrie MidlothianScotlandReseating
Item 18 of 3701835Marshall and Sons Jewellers  EdinburghScotlandShop premises refitted
Item 19 of 3701835St Cuthbert's Parish ChurchColinton EdinburghScotlandReseating, enlarging and repairing
Item 20 of 370c. 1835Mortonhall House and stables  EdinburghScotlandAlterations and service wing
Item 21 of 3701836Balcarres HouseColinsburgh FifeScotlandExtensive Scottish manorial additions - as assistant to William Burn
Item 22 of 3701836The Old Church, AyrAyr AyrshireScotlandExtensive repairs
Item 23 of 3701837Craignish CastleKilmelford ArgyllScotlandPartial rebuilding
Item 24 of 3701837Currie ManseCurrie MidlothianScotlandAdditions
Item 25 of 3701837Holy Trinity ChurchAyr AyrshireScotlandOriginal building - while in Burn's office
Item 26 of 3701837Roslin ChapelRoslin/Rosslyn MidlothianScotlandSupervised repairs
Item 27 of 3701838St John's Chapel Of EaseHaddington East LothianScotland 
Item 28 of 3701838Standard Life Assurance Co  EdinburghScotland 
Item 29 of 3701838Standard Life officePerth PerthshireScotlandPrepared plans for alterations to the office. Some proposals (for connecting the whole of the upper part of the building) were probably adopted. The matter was left in the hands of 'Mr Paton' (probably the manager).
Item 30 of 370c. 1838Norton House and ancillary buildings  MidlothianScotlandHS- 'style of David Bryce'
Item 31 of 37018391 and 3 Victoria Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 32 of 3701839Caledonian Insurance Company  EdinburghScotland 
Item 33 of 3701839Keithick HouseCoupar Angus AngusScotlandMinor alterations
Item 34 of 3701839Kilconquhar HouseKilconquhar FifeScotlandNew entrance (north-west) wing.
Item 35 of 3701839West Church Parish, Infant and Juvenile SchoolPerth PerthshireScotlandPaid 50
Item 36 of 3701839WhitehillRosewell MidlothianScotlandHouse, lodge etc
Item 37 of 3701840sMidlothian County Hall  EdinburghScotlandDesign for re-fronting Archibald Elliot's building
Item 38 of 3701840Insurance Company of Scotland  EdinburghScotland 
Item 39 of 3701840NewlistonKirkliston West LothianScotlandAddition of Classical wings and additions to coachhouse, stables and home farm
Item 40 of 3701840Thirlestane CastleLauder BerwickshireScotlandAddition of wings - begun by Burn, probably partly designed by Bryce; may have been completed in partnership
Item 41 of 3701841Edinburgh and Leith Bank  EdinburghScotland 
Item 42 of 3701841Forgan Parish ChurchForgan FifeScotland 
Item 43 of 3701841Galloway House  WigtownshireScotlandAlterations - with Burn - which included internal alterations and full-height additions to main block
Item 44 of 3701841North British and Mercantile Offices  EdinburghScotlandFirst building for North British and Mercantile on site
Item 45 of 3701841Seacliffe House and cottageNorth Berwick East LothianScotlandBaronial alterations and additions
Item 46 of 3701842Langholm Parish ChurchLangholm DumfriesshireScotlandCredited in Builder obituary - working in William Burn's office prior to partnership
Item 47 of 3701842Luscar House and stablesDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 48 of 3701842Town's Churches, St Mary's Church and church hall  DundeeScotlandSuperintended construction of designs by Burn for new church following rejection of scheme for rebuilding the medieval church, burnt 1841.
Item 49 of 3701843BalcaskiePittenweem FifeScotlandWest (Carnbee) Lodge
Item 50 of 3701843CarnellHurlford AyrshireScotlandExtensive additions - working in Burn's office prior to partnership?
Item 51 of 3701843Edinburgh Life Assurance Company  EdinburghScotland 
Item 52 of 3701843Ladykirk HouseLadykirk BerwickshireScotlandMinor alterations and additions
Item 53 of 3701843Music Hall and Assembly Rooms  EdinburghScotlandAdditions- including addition of music hall (with Burn)
Item 54 of 3701843 or 1853Balmalloch Farm SteadingBarrhill AyrshireScotland 
Item 55 of 3701844Bamff HouseAlyth PerthshireScotlandAdditions
Item 56 of 3701844Carradale HouseCarradale ArgyllScotland 
Item 57 of 3701844Fife Arms Hotel and adjoining premises for the Trustees of Lord FifeBanff BanffshireScotland 
Item 58 of 3701844Mertoun HouseMertoun BerwickshireScotlandAlterations and additions, including new south wing, reusing old pavilion
Item 59 of 3701844St Mary's Episcopal ChurchDalkeith MidlothianScotlandSuperintended execution of Burn's design
Item 60 of 3701844Trinity Church  EdinburghScotlandBuilding dismantled under Bryce's supervision and various schemes prepared
Item 61 of 370c. 1844Preston HouseLinlithgow West LothianScotlandHouse, lodge and gateway
Item 62 of 370c. 1844Riccarton Estate Lodge  West LothianScotlandHS - 'style of William Burn and David Bryce'
Item 63 of 3701845ArmadaleMelvich SutherlandScotland 
Item 64 of 3701845Clatto Estate, House and Steading (Clatto Cottage)Cupar FifeScotlandScottish Baronial additions and possibly steading
Item 65 of 3701845Edinburgh Royal Lunatic Asylum  EdinburghScotlandAddition
Item 66 of 3701845Hamilton MausoleumHamilton LanarkshireScotland 
Item 67 of 3701845InchdairnieKirkcaldy FifeScotlandHouse and lodges
Item 68 of 3701845Leny HouseCallander PerthshireScotland 
Item 69 of 3701845New Greyfriars Church  EdinburghScotlandRepair work after fire
Item 70 of 3701845St Mark's Unitarian Chapel  EdinburghScotlandReinforcement as a result of subterranean railway works
Item 71 of 3701845Strathendry CastleMarkinch FifeScotlandStables and additions
Item 72 of 3701845The Parsonage, Dunmore Park  StirlingshireScotland 
Item 73 of 3701846BalcaskiePittenweem FifeScotlandEast Lodge
Item 74 of 3701846Balfour Castle and lodgeBalfourShapinsayOrkneyScotlandExtensive Scottish baronial additions and gate lodges
Item 75 of 3701846Corraith HouseSymington AyrshireScotland 
Item 76 of 3701846Exchange Bank of Scotland  EdinburghScotland 
Item 77 of 3701846Grange Cemetery, layout, lodge etcGrange EdinburghScotlandLayout, lodge and vaulted catacombs
Item 78 of 3701846Luffness HouseDrem East LothianScotland 
Item 79 of 3701846Western Bank  EdinburghScotland 
Item 80 of 3701846Western Bank, Glasgow  GlasgowScotlandAdditions
Item 81 of 370c. 1846ArddarrochFinnart DunbartonshireScotlandAdditions, including conservatory (demolished). East Lodge
Item 82 of 3701847British Linen Bank, Head Office  EdinburghScotlandIn collaboration with Hugh Wallace (sculptor)
Item 83 of 3701847British Linen Bank, St Andrew Square  EdinburghScotlandInternal alterations to connect two houses with British Linen Bank
Item 84 of 3701847Colmonell ChurchColmonell AyrshireScotland 
Item 85 of 3701847Dalkeith Union PoorhouseDalkeith MidlothianScotlandScheme drawn up - not selected for job
Item 86 of 3701847Edinburgh and Leith Bank  EdinburghScotlandExtension
Item 87 of 3701847Invermark LodgeGlenesk AngusScotlandOriginal building
Item 88 of 3701847Town's Churches, Old St Paul's  DundeeScotlandExecuted Burn's design of 1841-42
Item 89 of 3701848(Old) Edinburgh Royal Infirmary  EdinburghScotlandMajor alterations and extensions planned
Item 90 of 3701848Allanbank HouseChirnside BerwickshireScotland 
Item 91 of 3701848CapenochPenpont DumfriesshireScotlandAdditions in three distinct stages
Item 92 of 3701848Colonial Life Assurance Co  EdinburghScotlandInterior alterations
Item 93 of 3701848Dalkeith House, Duke's GatesDalkeith MidlothianScotland 
Item 94 of 3701848Dalmeny House  West LothianScotlandEnlargement of billiard room
Item 95 of 3701848Falkland Parish ChurchFalkland FifeScotland 
Item 96 of 3701848Guthrie CastleForfar AngusScotlandExtensive Scottish Baronial additions
Item 97 of 3701848Hamilton Palace Mausoleum and keeper's lodge  LanarkshireScotlandNew scheme, superseding the original one by David Hamilton
Item 98 of 3701848Leslie Parish SchoolLeslie FifeScotlandRepairs and alterations to schoolhouse
Item 99 of 3701848Polmont ManseGrangemouth StirlingshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 100 of 3701848Register House, Screen Wall  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to screen wall including design of base of Wellington Statue
Item 101 of 3701848Tollcross House  GlasgowScotlandHouse and lodge
Item 102 of 3701849Balbirnie Railway ViaductMarkinch FifeScotland 
Item 103 of 3701849Cameron HouseWindygates FifeScotland 
Item 104 of 3701849Dargavel House, BishoptonBishopton RenfrewshireScotlandMinor alterations and additions
Item 105 of 3701849Duke of Wellington Monument  EdinburghScotlandBase
Item 106 of 3701849Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Old Surgical Hospital  EdinburghScotland 
Item 107 of 3701849School and schoolmaster's houseFalkland FifeScotland 
Item 108 of 370c. 184County Buildings  EdinburghScotlandUnexecuted design for new frontage to Archibald & James Elliot's County Buildings of 1816-1819
Item 109 of 3701850Berstane HouseKirkwallMainlandOrkneyScotland 
Item 110 of 3701850Coates Hall  EdinburghScotland 
Item 111 of 3701850Edinburgh City Club  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to ground floor interior
Item 112 of 3701850NewhallCarlops (near) PeeblesshireScotlandAdditions to north
Item 113 of 3701850Philosophical Institute  EdinburghScotlandAddition of reading room and library for Philosophical Institute
Item 114 of 3701850Portmore HouseEddleston PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 115 of 3701850Stronvar HouseBalquhidder PerthshireScotland 
Item 116 of 3701850Sunderland HallSelkirk SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 117 of 370Before 1850(?)Ardoon HouseWaterside AyrshireScotlandTentative attribution in HS Lists - if correct, must be before 1850
Item 118 of 370c. 1850(?)DinwoodieDumfries DumfriesshireScotlandMay be by Bryce - HS attribution
Item 119 of 370c. 1850Kimmerghame Estate, Bellshiel FarmhouseDuns BerwickshireScotlandPossibly by Bryce - HS
Item 120 of 370c. 1850Longcroft HouseLinlithgow West LothianScotland 
Item 121 of 3701851Ackergill TowerWick CaithnessScotlandExtensive Scottish Baronial additions
Item 122 of 3701851Bank Street Area Proposals  EdinburghScotland 
Item 123 of 3701851Castle LeodStrathpeffer Ross and CromartyScotlandAndrew Maitland executed additions to a design by Bryce
Item 124 of 3701851Clifton HallNewbridge MidlothianScotland 
Item 125 of 3701851Cramond Parish ChurchCramond EdinburghScotlandRepairs
Item 126 of 3701851Giltown HouseKilcullen County KildareEire 
Item 127 of 3701851Keith HallInverurie AberdeenshireScotlandBaronial additions
Item 128 of 3701851Kimmerghame House, and lodgeDuns BerwickshireScotland 
Item 129 of 3701851Latheron Wheel HouseLatheron Wheel CaithnessScotland 
Item 130 of 3701851Old ChurchDalkeith MidlothianScotlandRestoration, nave and transepts
Item 131 of 3701851Ormiston HallKirknewton MidlothianScotland 
Item 132 of 370185278 George Street  EdinburghScotlandNew Doric entrance and saloon
Item 133 of 3701852CraigiehallCramond EdinburghScotlandNorth offices constructed; alterations to roof. William Adam's new front doorway altered.
Item 134 of 3701852Cross and Burness Manse SandayOrkneyScotland 
Item 135 of 3701852Edinburgh Royal Lunatic Asylum  EdinburghScotlandCompletion of W range of Burn's incomplete hospital and addition of wash-house at West House, kitchen at East House, octagonal building, and separate building for noisy patients
Item 136 of 3701852Fettes CollegeComely Bank EdinburghScotlandDrawings dated from November 1862
Item 137 of 3701852Kingcausie HouseMaryculter KincardineshireScotlandAlterations
Item 138 of 3701852Mossgreen ChurchDalgety FifeScotland 
Item 139 of 3701852Panmure House and ancillary estate buildingsCarnoustie AngusScotlandScottish Jacobean alterations and additions and ancillary buildings on estate (east gates and lodges)
Item 140 of 3701852Royal Medical Society  EdinburghScotland 
Item 141 of 3701853BalcaskiePittenweem FifeScotlandMinor Scots additions
Item 142 of 3701853Balfour HouseMarkinch FifeScotlandScottish Baronial additions
Item 143 of 3701853Balgreggie HouseKinglassie FifeScotland 
Item 144 of 3701853Cambusdoon HouseAlloway AyrshireScotlandAttribution by Davis on sound stylistic grounds
Item 145 of 3701853Cambusdoon, LodgeAyr AyrshireScotland 
Item 146 of 3701853Corsock HouseCorsock KirkcudbrightshireScotlandModest additions and stables
Item 147 of 3701853Craighall CastleCeres FifeScotlandRepairs
Item 148 of 3701853Dalmeny House  West LothianScotlandProposed alterations and additions to terrace wall
Item 149 of 3701853Eastend House and SteadingThankerton LanarkshireScotlandScottish Baronial additions
Item 150 of 3701853Feuing plan of the estate of Trinity  EdinburghScotlandFeuing plan drawn up and villa stances offered for sale
Item 151 of 3701853Kimmerghame, stables  BerwickshireScotland 
Item 152 of 3701853Kinnaird Castle, with stables and lodgeBrechin AngusScotlandReconstruction, with new stables, gatepiers in garden and North gate lodge
Item 153 of 3701853KirkhillColmonell AyrshireScotland 
Item 154 of 3701853Maulsden HouseBrechin AngusScotlandExtensive Scottish Baronial additions
Item 155 of 3701853Muckross HouseKillarney County KerryEireMinor additions
Item 156 of 3701853Royal Exchange  DundeeScotland 
Item 157 of 3701853Standard Life Assurance Co  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to nos 5-7 George Street for Standard Life
Item 158 of 3701853Standard Life Assurance Company  DublinEire 
Item 159 of 370c. 1853New HallPenicuik MidlothianScotlandScottish Baronial additions
Item 160 of 3701854Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound  EdinburghScotlandProposed remodelling with colonnade on north elevation
Item 161 of 3701854Charlotte Place (Randolph Place)  EdinburghScotland 
Item 162 of 3701854Hamilton Palace Mausoleum and keeper's lodge  LanarkshireScotlandKeeper's Lodge
Item 163 of 3701854HartriggeJedburgh RoxburghshireScotlandExtensive Scottish Baronial additions, competely remodelling the structure
Item 164 of 3701854Panmure Street Congregational Church  DundeeScotland 
Item 165 of 3701854Pitfirrane Castle  FifeScotlandNorth east tower and servants' wing added
Item 166 of 3701854Queensferry Street, north side  EdinburghScotland 
Item 167 of 3701854Shambellie HouseNew Abbey KirkcudbrightshireScotland 
Item 168 of 3701854The GlenInnerleithen PeeblesshireScotlandWith Robert Hall as contractor
Item 169 of 3701854WatersideJedburgh RoxburghshireScotland 
Item 170 of 3701854Woodcote ParkFala MidlothianScotlandScottish Baronial alterations and additions
Item 171 of 370February 1854Hay LodgeTrinity EdinburghScotlandAlterations 'lately'
Item 172 of 370c. 1854Hamilton Palace GasworksHamilton LanarkshireScotland 
Item 173 of 370c. 1854Southside FarmhouseDalkeith (near) MidlothianScotlandConversion from castle or peel tower for farmhouse and new steading. Article does not directly state that Bryce was the architect.
Item 174 of 3701855Armadale CastleArdvasarSkyeInverness-shireScotlandAdditions and recasing
Item 175 of 3701855Balquhidder Parish ChurchBalquhidder PerthshireScotlandHeritors records suggest Messrs. Hay were the architects and Bryce was merely asked to report on the best way to eradicate dry-rot which appeared in the church in 1861. The church is consistent with other work by the Hays.
Item 176 of 3701855BirkhillCupar FifeScotlandScottish Baronial additions
Item 177 of 3701855Charleton HouseColinsburgh FifeScotlandAdditions of dining room, billiard room and other offices
Item 178 of 3701855Culross Abbey HouseCulross FifeScotlandPlans for alterations (?)
Item 179 of 3701855Fossoway  PerthshireScotland 
Item 180 of 3701855Grantons, 174 Granton Road  EdinburghScotlandAttribution - 'in the style of' (HS)
Item 181 of 3701855Inzievar HouseDunfermline FifeScotland 
Item 182 of 3701855Kilkerran HouseMaybole AyrshireScotlandSingle-storey Classical extension
Item 183 of 3701855Melville Monument (2nd Viscount Melville)  EdinburghScotlandBase
Item 184 of 3701855Queen's Theatre  EdinburghScotlandInitial theatre
Item 185 of 3701855St Andrew's Episcopal Chapel  EdinburghScotland 
Item 186 of 3701855St Andrews Anglican Church  GothenburgSwedenUncertain connection
Item 187 of 3701855Tenements, 5-7 Victoria Street  EdinburghScotland 
Item 188 of 370185620 St John Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to divide house into tenements
Item 189 of 3701856BalcaskiePittenweem FifeScotlandWork carried out by Bryce (Buildings of Scotland); work included changes to 2 windows and interior work
Item 190 of 3701856Free Tolbooth Church  EdinburghScotlandPlaced second in design competition, but subsequently received commission, producing design on 26 June 1856
Item 191 of 3701856Kilhenzie CastleMaybole AyrshireScotlandPerhaps work by Bryce - building converted as a farmhouse for Kilkerran where he was working.
Item 192 of 3701856Monument to Robert Brown, Bent CemeteryHamilton LanarkshireScotland 
Item 193 of 3701856Newbattle AbbeyNewbattle MidlothianScotlandNew family wing
Item 194 of 3701856Parish ChurchGreenlaw BerwickshireScotlandNorth 'aisle' added
Item 195 of 3701856Rossie CastleMontrose AngusScotlandUnexecuted scheme for major additions; may have made minor alterations
Item 196 of 3701856The Haga Church  GothenburgSwedenUncertain connection
Item 197 of 3701856Torosay HouseCraignureMullArgyllScotland 
Item 198 of 370185730 Abercromby Place  EdinburghScotlandAdditions and internal alterations to no 30
Item 199 of 3701857CraigendsJohnstone RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 200 of 3701857Cramond Manse  EdinburghScotlandRepairs and additions
Item 201 of 3701857Crossgates Parish ChurchCrossgates FifeScotland 
Item 202 of 3701857Maryton Free churchMaryton Angus  
Item 203 of 3701857Penicuik HousePenicuik MidlothianScotlandAdditions
Item 204 of 3701857PittendreichLasswade MidlothianScotland 
Item 205 of 3701857Roshven HouseKinlochmoidart Inverness-shireScotland 
Item 206 of 3701857St Ninian's Episcopal ChapelAlyth PerthshireScotland 
Item 207 of 3701857Woodcroft  EdinburghScotland 
Item 208 of 370c. 1857Inverardoch HouseDoune PerthshireScotland 
Item 209 of 3701858Belladrum House and lodge and farm cottagesBeauly Inverness-shireScotlandExtensive symmetrical additions
Item 210 of 3701858Cullen House and estate buildingsCullen BanffshireScotlandAdditions and restoration
Item 211 of 3701858Eastbury HousePinner HertfordshireEngland 
Item 212 of 3701858Edinburgh Royal Lunatic Asylum  EdinburghScotlandWesterley House
Item 213 of 3701858Free Church Assembly Hall  EdinburghScotland 
Item 214 of 3701858Free High Church and Free Church College  EdinburghScotlandAssembly Hall added
Item 215 of 3701858Freemasons' Hall  EdinburghScotlandOriginal building? - unclear whether Bryce Senior involved or whether it was in fact purely the work of his nephew and namesake, who at least superintended the work
Item 216 of 3701858LochsideMorebattle RoxburghshireScotland'in the manner of Burn and Bryce' (HS)
Item 217 of 3701858Stirkoke House and Service RangeWick CaithnessScotland 
Item 218 of 3701858The HirselColdstream BerwickshireScotlandMinor office alterations and additions, mow demolished.
Item 219 of 3701858The Wash House and wellScotlandwell PerthshireScotland 
Item 220 of 3701859Blair Adam  Kinross-shireScotlandAdditions - corridor and dining room
Item 221 of 3701859Eaglesham HouseEaglesham RenfrewshireScotlandLarge house built to incorporate old house of Brakenrig
Item 222 of 3701859Fothringham HouseForfar AngusScotland 
Item 223 of 3701859Leslie Parish SchoolLeslie FifeScotlandAdditional classroom and offices - not executed
Item 224 of 3701859New Club  EdinburghScotlandAdditions
Item 225 of 370186030 George Street  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to interior
Item 226 of 3701860Avallon  EdinburghScotland 
Item 227 of 3701860Ayton CastleAyton BerwickshireScotlandAlterations and additions - drawing room extension and billiard room
Item 228 of 3701860Balbirnie House, including walled garden and stablesMarkinch FifeScotlandPossibly office court at rear of house?
Item 229 of 3701860Balbirnie House, South LodgeMarkinch FifeScotlandSouth lodge and gates.
Item 230 of 3701860Craigflower HouseTorryburn FifeScotlandScottish Baronial enlargement and remodelling of original structure.
Item 231 of 3701860Gordon of Cluny Monument  EdinburghScotlandGothic mural monument
Item 232 of 3701860Keiss CastleKeiss CaithnessScotlandExtensive Scottish Baronial additions
Item 233 of 3701860Lauder Parish ChurchLauder BerwickshireScotlandFurther work
Item 234 of 3701860Mauldslie CastleCarluke LanarkshireScotlandScottish Baronial additions
Item 235 of 3701860Mercat Cross  EdinburghScotlandRestoration proposal
Item 236 of 3701860New Parish ChurchSelkirk SelkirkshireScotlandSurvey of old church and estimates for refitting (1,437); rebuilding on same site (3,200); and rebuilding on new site (3,500)
Item 237 of 3701860Portobello Old Town HallPortobello EdinburghScotland 
Item 238 of 3701860Roslin ChapelRoslin/Rosslyn MidlothianScotlandRestoration
Item 239 of 3701860St Martin's AbbeyBalbeggie PerthshireScotlandAdditions (entance wing), now demolished
Item 240 of 370c. 1860CapenochPenpont DumfriesshireScotlandHS - attribtion
Item 241 of 370c. 1860Carberry TowerInveresk, Musselburgh MidlothianScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 242 of 370c. 1860Carngour Farmhouse and cottages  FifeScotlandFarmhouse
Item 243 of 370c. 1860KirkclaughAnwoth KirkcudbrightshireScotlandHS attribution
Item 244 of 370c. 1860Loganbank HouseGlencorse MidlothianScotlandLarge additions
Item 245 of 3701861Augustine Church  EdinburghScotlandAlterations to rectify construction faults
Item 246 of 3701861Bandon Tower  FifeScotland 
Item 247 of 3701861Christ's Kirk on the GreenLeslie FifeScotlandScheme for enlargement - not executed
Item 248 of 3701861Cringletie HouseEddleston PeeblesshireScotlandRemodelling as Scottish Baronial mansion
Item 249 of 3701861Ford CastleFord NorthumberlandEnglandExtensive additions to mansion, and restoration of Flagpole Tower
Item 250 of 3701861Mauldslie CastleCarluke LanarkshireScotlandBridge and west lodge and gates - HS attribution
Item 251 of 370May 1861Aldourie Castle  Inverness-shireScotlandScheme for remodelling and extending the west end of the house, circular tower remodelled to Castel fraser form as in one of the Peddie & Kinnear schemes, scheme for reconstructing the 1838 drawing room, canted bay almost identical to Peddie & Kinnear proposal.
Item 252 of 370Before 1861Edinburgh Royal Lunatic Asylum  EdinburghScotlandAddition of laundry and block for refractory patients, Mackinnon House
Item 253 of 3701862Ardmaddy CastleOban ArgyllScotlandSupervised construction of part of James Gillespie Graham's design for additions and alterations
Item 254 of 3701862Fetteresso HouseStonehaven KincardineshireScotlandUnclear whether the elder Bryce was assisted by his nephew and namesake, or whether the younger Bryce was entirely responsible
Item 255 of 3701862Langton HouseDuns BerwickshireScotland 
Item 256 of 3701862Leslie Parish SchoolLeslie FifeScotlandAdditoions
Item 257 of 3701862Lock Hospital  EdinburghScotland 
Item 258 of 3701862SilverknowesCramond EdinburghScotland 
Item 259 of 3701862Silverknowes, stables  EdinburghScotland 
Item 260 of 3701862Wolflee HouseHawick RoxburghshireScotlandScottish Baronial additions
Item 261 of 3701863Balcarres HouseColinsburgh FifeScotlandOutbuildings and front entrance gates
Item 262 of 3701863Brechin Castle and gate lodgeBrechin AngusScotlandTook over as architect after the death of John Henderson. Additions to tower on S wing
Item 263 of 3701863CastlemilkLockerbie DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 264 of 3701863Fala Parish ChurchFala and Soutra MidlothianScotland 
Item 265 of 3701863Kingoldrum ManseKingoldrum PerthshireScotlandAlterations and minor repairs
Item 266 of 3701863Sheriff Court  EdinburghScotland 
Item 267 of 3701863(?)Standard Life Assurance Company  DublinEireBryce was asked to confer with 'Mr Murray, architect' [Dublin] 'to decide upon th eplan to be finally adopted'. This suggests that although Bryce had a hand in the design, 'Mr Murray' may also have been partly responsible. Murray's name appears in the minute books several times around this date.
Item 268 of 370c. 1863Fascadale HouseArrochar DunbartonshireScotlandAttribution by'Buildings of Scotland'
Item 269 of 370186432 Heriot Row  EdinburghScotlandAddition of an extra storey.
Item 270 of 3701864Albert Keep Project  EdinburghScotlandProposed monument
Item 271 of 3701864Auchtyfardle HouseLesmahagow LanarkshireScotlandAdditions
Item 272 of 3701864Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound  EdinburghScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 273 of 3701864Brankstone Grange  FifeScotlandWest range
Item 274 of 3701864Dunira HouseComrie PerthshireScotlandAdditions
Item 275 of 3701864Fincastle HarrisInverness-shireScotland 
Item 276 of 3701864Royal College of Physicians  EdinburghScotlandBryce's enlargement of main hall
Item 277 of 3701864Sorn CastleMauchline AyrshireScotlandEnlargement and remodelling
Item 278 of 370c. 1864Life Association of Scotland Chambers  DublinEire 
Item 279 of 3701865Blair CastleBlair Atholl PerthshireScotlandAdditions and alterations
Item 280 of 3701865CaerleeInnerleithen PeeblesshireScotland 
Item 281 of 3701865Carnwath Parish ChurchCarnwath LanarkshireScotland 
Item 282 of 3701865Flodden LodgeFlodden NorthumberlandEngland 
Item 283 of 3701865Mossgreen ChurchDalgety FifeScotlandGallery added - with Paris in charge as assistant
Item 284 of 3701865Ormiston HouseBelmont BelfastNorthern Ireland 
Item 285 of 3701865Property of John Watson's School, feuing plan  EdinburghScotland 
Item 286 of 3701865Ramsay Monument  EdinburghScotlandDesigned plinths
Item 287 of 3701865Sinclair Monument  EdinburghScotland 
Item 288 of 3701865St Bride's KirkOld Blair, Blair Atholl PerthshireScotlandArchway to aisle
Item 289 of 3701865St Bridget's Chapel  GothenburgSwedenUncertain connection
Item 290 of 3701865Standard Life Assurance Co  EdinburghScotlandFurther designs
Item 291 of 370c. 1865Bank House and Central Bank buildingAberfeldy PerthshireScotland 
Item 292 of 3701866Blair Castle, St Bride's Church and Atholl vaults, gate to burial aisle  PerthshireScotland 
Item 293 of 3701866HalleathsLochmaben DumfriesshireScotlandAlso lodge and home farm
Item 294 of 3701866Humbie Parish ChurchHumbie East LothianScotlandGothicizing
Item 295 of 3701866Invergarry HouseFort Augustus Inverness-shireScotlandOriginal building
Item 296 of 3701866North British Insurance Office  DublinEire 
Item 297 of 3701866West ParkSt Andrews FifeScotlandReconstruction
Item 298 of 3701867Balcarres HouseColinsburgh FifeScotlandTerraced garden and steps
Item 299 of 3701867Castle MalgwynCilgerran PembrokeshireWalesProposed additions
Item 300 of 3701867Castlemilk Home Farm House and SteadingLockerbie DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 301 of 3701867Corbiehill Female School  EdinburghScotland 
Item 302 of 3701867Culdees CastleMuthill PerthshireScotlandExtensive alterations and additions
Item 303 of 3701867Langlee House, WatersideJedburgh RoxburghshireScotlandScottish Baronial additions and perhaps lodge
Item 304 of 3701867St George's Free Church  EdinburghScotland 
Item 305 of 370c. 1867Kippielaw Farmhouse and SteadingDalkeith (near)  MidlothianScotlandFarmhouse
Item 306 of 3701868Ballikinrain CastleBalfron StirlingshireScotland 
Item 307 of 3701868Clifton HallNewbridge MidlothianScotlandProposed Baronial addition - not built
Item 308 of 3701868Cramond Parish ChurchCramond EdinburghScotlandRepairs
Item 309 of 3701868Parish ManseTayport FifeScotlandAlterations and repairs
Item 310 of 3701868SauchieSt Ninians StirlingshireScotlandUnbuilt designs
Item 311 of 3701868Scottish Widows Fund and Life Assurance and Junior Conservative Club  GlasgowScotland 
Item 312 of 3701868West Coates Parish Church  EdinburghScotland 
Item 313 of 37018692 Alvanley Terrace  EdinburghScotland 
Item 314 of 37018693 and 4 Alvanley Terrace  EdinburghScotland 
Item 315 of 3701869Biggar KirkBiggar LanarkshireScotlandAlterations and restoration
Item 316 of 3701869Broadstone CastlePort Glasgow RenfrewshireScotland 
Item 317 of 3701869CastlecliffeSt Andrews FifeScotland 
Item 318 of 3701869Fettes College, Glencorse House (former)Comely Bank EdinburghScotland 
Item 319 of 3701869Forbes Memorial FountainFettercairn KincardineshireScotlandDesign
Item 320 of 3701869MeikleourBlairgowrie PerthshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 321 of 3701869Old Blair  PerthshireScotland 
Item 322 of 3701869Olrig House  CaithnessScotland 
Item 323 of 3701869Warrender Estate  EdinburghScotlandBryce prepared elevations
Item 324 of 3701869Warrender Park feuing  EdinburghScotlandFeuing plans
Item 325 of 3701870Bonaly TowerColinton EdinburghScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 326 of 3701870CastlemilkLockerbie DumfriesshireScotlandFountain in garden
Item 327 of 3701870Cortachy CastleKirriemuir AngusScotlandExtensive additions (mainly removed by subsequent alterations), including drawing room
Item 328 of 3701870Edinburgh Royal Infirmary  EdinburghScotlandMain block
Item 329 of 3701870Ellary CastleArdrishaig ArgyllScotland 
Item 330 of 3701870George Watson's Hospital  EdinburghScotlandRebuilt as part of Royal Infirmary - see separate entry
Item 331 of 3701870Glenapp HouseBallantrae AyrshireScotland 
Item 332 of 370c. 1870Bank of Scotland, St Vincent Place and George Square  GlasgowScotlandCompleted when Rochead became ill
Item 333 of 370c. 1870Kames CastleKamesburgh / Port BannatyneButeButeScotland 
Item 334 of 370c. 1870Langton House, gatewayDuns BerwickshireScotland 
Item 335 of 370187112-18 St Giles Street, Edinburgh Courant Offices  EdinburghScotland 
Item 336 of 3701871Edinburgh Daily Review Offices  EdinburghScotland 
Item 337 of 3701871Fettes College, Dalmeny House  EdinburghScotland 
Item 338 of 3701871Newbattle AbbeyNewbattle MidlothianScotlandNew room and stables recast
Item 339 of 3701872Achnacarry House  Inverness-shireScotlandScheme for enlargement and remodelling - not carried out (drawings CLA/10/6/1-6 and 10/7/1-2)
Item 340 of 3701872Gala HouseGalashiels SelkirkshireScotland 
Item 341 of 3701872Offices of the Glasgow Herald, 2-10 St Giles Street  EdinburghScotlandWith Robert Smith as builder (HS attribution; Dean of Guild)
Item 342 of 3701872Sheriff Court Buildings and police stationKirkwallMainlandOrkneyScotland 
Item 343 of 3701872Trumland House RousayOrkneyScotland 
Item 344 of 37020 July 1872Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound  EdinburghScotlandDate of drawings for scheme for screen wall with grassed walks behind the wall
Item 345 of 3701873Fettes College, Glencorse House (new)  EdinburghScotland 
Item 346 of 3701873Glasite Meeting House  EdinburghScotlandSounding board of pulpit
Item 347 of 3701873Lockerbie Town Hall and libraryLockerbie DumfriesshireScotlandDesigns; executed posthumously, with revisions
Item 348 of 3701873Newbattle Abbey, coachhouse and stablesNewbattle MidlothianScotland 
Item 349 of 3701873Paisley AbbeyPaisley RenfrewshireScotlandProposals for restoration of West range of cloister. Not executed.
Item 350 of 3701873Scottish National Albert Memorial  EdinburghScotlandbase of statue
Item 351 of 3701874Balbirnie House, including walled garden and stablesMarkinch FifeScotlandPossibly office court at rear of house enlarged?
Item 352 of 3701874Balbirnie House, South LodgeMarkinch FifeScotlandAlterations.
Item 353 of 3701874Fettes CollegeComely Bank EdinburghScotlandGrounds with iron fences; east and west lodges and gates finished
Item 354 of 3701874Lockhart HospitalLanark LanarkshireScotland 
Item 355 of 3701874Luffness HouseDrem East LothianScotlandWest wing and further work
Item 356 of 3701874St Andrew's Episcopal Chapel  EdinburghScotlandBaptistery
Item 357 of 3701874St Mungo Parish ChurchKettleholm DumfriesshireScotland 
Item 358 of 3701874The GlenInnerleithen PeeblesshireScotlandWest wing
Item 359 of 3701874Union Bank of Scotland  EdinburghScotland 
Item 360 of 3701875Bowhill HouseSelkirk SelkirkshireScotlandChapel in east wing, never consecrated and now the Monmouth Room
Item 361 of 3701875Drum CastleDrum AberdeenshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 362 of 3701875Youngfield house and stable blockDumfries DumfriesshireScotlandReconstruction after fire
Item 363 of 370c. 1875St Paul's Episcopal Church, Monument to Bishop Terrot  EdinburghScotland 
Item 364 of 3701876Aytonhill  FifeScotlandMain house (superseding older house previously on site)
Item 365 of 3701876Logan House and coachhouse and stablesArdwell WigtownshireScotland 
Item 366 of 3701876Royal College of Physicians  EdinburghScotlandNew library
Item 367 of 370Before 1876Lochmaben Town HallLochmaben DumfriesshireScotlandAlterations and additions
Item 368 of 370Before 1876New Calton Burying Ground, Monument to David Bryce  EdinburghScotlandProbably by himself
Item 369 of 370Before 1876Thirlestane CastleLauder BerwickshireScotlandRepairs and alterations
Item 370 of 370Early 1800sInchmartine House  PerthshireScotlandHS attribution


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Archive References

The following archives hold material relating to this architect:
 SourceArchive NameSource Catalogue No.Notes
Item 1 of 2Mrs Barbara Cherry, maternal great granddaughter of Bryce's natural son. Information via 'Contact us' page Sent July 2015
Item 2 of 2RIBA Archive, Victoria & Albert MuseumRIBA Nomination Papers F v2 p22 (microfiche 76/E3) - no job list


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